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From Resumes To Romance, Giving Young Dads The Skills To Succeed

The L.A. Fathers Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles helps fathers of all ages learn job and parenting skills to support their children.

Casey Kasem, An Iconic Voice Of American Radio

There was a time when you didn't know what the No. 1 song in America was until Casey Kasem said so. The listener had an emotional relationship with the American Top 40 host for four decades.

From Former Slaves To Writers, Civilians, Too, Rest At Arlington

Arlington National Cemetery turns 150 years old on Sunday. It's known as the resting place of war heroes, but extraordinary civilians are buried there as well — here are the stories of three of them.

How Trauma Affects The Brain Of A Learner

Science may be able to help schools combat the adverse effects of poverty.

Dorm Living For Staff Of New British Embassy In Somalia

With Somalia now somewhat safer, Britain returned its ambassador to Mogadishu last year. Neil Wigan's "residence" is sparse, almost a shipping container. He tells NPR's Rachel Martin why he's hopeful.

Transcending Music In A Special High School Band

Music's power to transform lives has been noted by ancient poets and modern-day neuroscientists. Our correspondent saw this in action at a New York school for students with disabilities.

Political Daughters Carry On The Family Name In Congress

Serving in Congress is increasingly a family business. NPR's political editor Charlie Mahtesian tells NPR's Rachel Martin that more daughters of politicians are following in their fathers' footsteps.

Congressman Pushes Income-Based Student Loan Plan

A plan to pay down student debt with taxes on the wealthy failed this week in the Senate. Rep. Tom Petri, R-Wisc., tells NPR's Rachel Martin about another plan he's been pushing for years.

More Than A Vacation: Family Hikes The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is more than 2,000 miles long, stretching from Georgia to Maine. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with the four members of the Kallin family, who are walking the entire length of it.

The Pros And Cons Of U.S. Air Strikes In Northern Iraq

Retired Col. Peter Mansoor was an aide to Gen. David Petraeus during the U.S. surge in Iraq. NPR's Scott Simon asks him to weigh in on U.S. military options now, with Iraq fracturing.