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White House Releases Long-Awaited Rules On Mental Health

The rules require most health insurance plans to provide the same coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment as they do for other types of ailments. Coverage also has expanded under the Affordable Care Act, but not everyone benefits.

Mental Health Moves Closer To Parity In New Insurance Rules

Many health insurers must treat coverage of mental health and substance abuse in the same way they handle treatments for physical illness, according to a new rule issued Friday by the Obama administration.

Which Is It? Hurricane, Typhoon Or Tropical Cyclone?

When it comes to what you call a particular tropical cyclone, it's really a matter of location, location, location.

Tech Week: Twitter Takes Off, Audie Cornish In Silicon Valley

In this week's round-up of tech coverage from NPR and beyond, we look back on Twitter's big debut, All Things Considered's week of innovation stories from California and Google's reveal about its mystery barge in the San Francisco bay.

Philadelphians Elect First Whig Since 19th Century

After winning an election on a platform of pragmatism and compromise, Robert "Heshy" Bucholz is set to become what many believe will be the first Whig to hold elected office in Philadelphia since before the Civil War.

House Lawmakers Seek Federal Probe Of Black Lung Program

Reps. George Miller and Joe Courtney are calling on the Labor Department to investigate "allegations of misconduct by doctors and lawyers working on behalf of the coal industry" and their roles in benefits denied to coal miners with black lung disease.

California Congressman Wakes Up To Tough Re-Election Fight

California Rep. Mike Honda appears to have been caught dozing off twice in public recently. The optics could prove problematic for the veteran congressman, who is facing the toughest fight of his political career from a much younger challenger.

What Really Got Measured In This Month's Jobs Report?

October's jobs report looks good. But many economists believe the economy is becoming too complicated and technologically advanced for the Bureau of Labor Statistics to measure accurately using current methods.

Presidential Apologies: Regrets, They Have A Few

The recent history of White House apologies teaches us a lesson: Being president means never having to say you're sorry. At least not in a convincing, soulful, direct way.

How Tall Is The Washington Monument? Surveyors Take To The Top

The last time the monument's height was measured was in 1999. And with scaffolding in place for earthquake repairs, engineers have a rare opportunity to take official measurements of the iconic obelisk.