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Rules Force Washington To Cut Emissions More Than Other States

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced strict new carbon emissions regulations. Washington state has the largest reduction target — about 72 percent overall.

Community Sourced Capital Connects Businesses With Local Funds

Banks aren't always the right fit for small businesses. Local branches of the Seattle startup called Community Sourced Capital hook up small businesses with local residents as a loan source.

Clevelanders Discuss Replacing Sin Tax With Win Tax

Voters in the Cleveland area renewed a tax on alcohol and cigarettes to fund upgrades to professional sports stadiums. A new proposal would require teams to compete for that money by playing better.

College For Free: Tulsa's Radical Idea

The city is investing big in its kids, and other cities and states are taking notes.

Hillary Clinton Refines Her Benghazi Response

As Hillary Clinton contemplates a 2016 presidential run, it's clear she'll need to answer Benghazi questions in a way that neutralizes conservative attacks and avoids politicizing the issue.

In A Standoff With Montana Officials, The Justice Department Blinks

Two years ago, the Missoula county attorney defied the DOJ's efforts to force his office to change the way it handles sexual assault cases. Today, the county won a partial victory.

Anchor Recovered In Puget Sound May Have Been Lost In 1792

Two amateur artifact hunters have managed to raise a 900-pound anchor to the surface that they believe was lost 222 years ago by one of Capt. George Vancouver's ships.

Cars Shed Pounds In Race To Meet Fuel-Efficiency Goals

Hybrids represent only a small fraction of overall car sales. So automakers are trying to boost fuel savings by making vehicles lighter using some unexpected materials.

Court OKs Universities' Quest To Turn To More Digital Copies Of Books

An appeals court has ruled against a group of authors, deciding in favor of a consortium of universities in a case that hinged on copyright law and provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Illinois Lawmaker Found Guilty Of Accepting $7,000 Payoff

The jury didn't buy state Rep. Derrick Smith's argument that the repeated efforts to get him to accept the money amounted to entrapment.