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FAA May Stop Making You Power Off Those Electronics

An expert advisory committee recommended Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration allow the use of some personal electronic devices during takeoff and landing. But while many passengers are eager to use their tablets and music players all flight long, it may be months before any rules are changed.

A Doctor's 9 Predictions About The 'Obamacare Era'

The traditional doctor-patient relationship in which a single doctor gets to know you over years will become a luxury. Those who want a personal physician will have to pay extra for that service. Doctors who chafe at working for big organizations will opt out and charge patients retainer fees.

Hiking Trail From Mexico To Canada More Popular Than Ever

A record number of people are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. This year, more than a thousand backpackers applied for permits to complete the entire 2,650 mile trek between Mexico and Canada, though just about half of them are expected to actually finish as the season wraps up this October.

Here's Something Congress Can Agree On: Helium

With the government on the brink of a shutdown, Republicans and Democrats in Congress have come together on a law to protect the Federal Helium Reserve. Legislation passed late last week will keep the gas used in party balloons flowing from the national stockpile.

Tracing The Story Of 'Lynch Mob'

Last week, the CEO of AIG invoked the phrase "lynch mob" to compare the vitriolic reaction his company received about its employees' 2009 bonuses. Lynching was so common that a writer even referred to it being as "American as apple pie."

Diesel Rebate Fraud: Truck-Stop Company Says It Is Repaying Millions

Months after federal agents raided its Tennessee offices, Pilot Flying J's CEO says it is working to pay companies who were cheated. Seven members of the truck-stop company's sales staff have pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

Man Accused Of Siphoning Millions From Fake Veterans' Charity

The defendant, who is an ex-military intelligence officer, claims it was all cover for a secret CIA operation.

Same-Sex Marriage: N.J. Judge Says Separate Is Unequal

A New Jersey judge ruled the state must allow same-sex couples to marry, citing the Supreme Court's decision to strike down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Brad Sears of the Williams Institute about what the ruling could mean in the Garden State, and beyond.

Deporting Parents, Good Policy?

Over the last few years, thousands of undocumented parents have been deported or detained by the federal government. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with professor and social worker Monica Faulker, and NPR's Ted Robbins, about the process and its effects.

Latino Rebels: Getting Stories From The Ground Up

Latinos are making a mark in American media, but a new blog is giving power to the people, not the pundits. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks to Julio Ricardo Varela about the mission behind his Latino Rebels blog.