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What Does It Take To Feel Secure?

Computer security expert Bruce Schneier says there's a big difference between feeling secure and being secure. He explains why we worry about unlikely dangers while ignoring more probable risks.

Espresso In Orbit: SpaceX Craft Brings Coffee Machine To Space Station

The coffee on the International Space Station is about to get much better. The SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule linked up with the station Friday morning, bringing a long-awaited ISSpresso machine.

Minn. Town Outraged After Double Dots Over Its Letter 'O' Are Dropped

The new road signs for Lindstrom dropped the diacritical mark over the letter "o" — known as an umlaut. The area has deep Scandinavian roots. The governor intervened, the umlauts will be back.

Vatican Ends Battle With U.S. Nuns

The Vatican took over the Leadership Conference of Women Religious three years ago claiming the group undermined Catholic teaching while promoting "certain radical feminist themes."

Golden State's Stephen Curry Perfects 3-Pointers

With the NBA playoffs about to begin, the Golden State Warriors have the best record in the league and the most exciting playing style — highlighted by Stephen Curry's long-range shooting.

Survivor Tree Stands Strong 20 Years After Oklahoma City Bombing

Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the bombing at Oklahoma City's Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Today, the so-called Survivor Tree remains as a symbol of hope and resilience after tragedy.

E-Cigarettes Grow In Popularity Among Teen Students, Survey Says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its annual youth tobacco survey. Among the findings: The use of electronic cigarettes has tripled among U.S. teenagers in the last year.

Anniversary Of Oklahoma City Bombing Reopens Wounds For Survivors

When the truck bomb exploded at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, there were 21 children in the building's day care. Six survived, including Chris Nguyen and PJ Allen.

Deaths Of Unarmed Black Men Revive 'Anti-Lynching Plays'

The recent killings of unarmed black men by police have inspired a Brooklyn theater company to stage new readings of dramas written in the early 1900s about the lynching of African-Americans.

Boston Marathon Surveillance Raises Privacy Concerns Long After Bombing

Boston jurors in the marathon bombing trial watched a nine-minute video pieced together from different surveillance cameras — some with surprisingly high resolution.