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Despite De Blasio's Appeal, Protesters March In New York

The New York mayor asked protesters to stay off the streets until two murdered police officers can be buried. But demonstrators insist there's no connection between the killings and their protests.

Near Police Killings, A Community With A Cycle Of Crime

The police shooting in New York occurred outside a public housing project that's had an increase in crime. Some are trying to reduce violence and debunk myths about those who live in public housing.

FDA Allows Gay Men To Donate Blood

The Food and Drug Administration announced plans to change a decades-old policy banning men who have ever had sex with another man — even once — from giving blood for life.

Conquering Anatomy On The Way To A Stable Career

In September, we profiled a hard-to-pass but popular class at community colleges: anatomy 1, required for a nursing degree. We check back in with Jonathan Harned, who wasn't sure he could pass.

Could Glitter Help Solve NASA's Giant Telescope Problem?

NASA's next big space telescope costs $8 billion and is very heavy. New York scientists think they may have found the makings of a cheaper, lighter answer for future space scopes — in a crafts store.

Monster Trucks Fight A Monster Battle Over Bragging Rights

Bigfoot 4X4 holds credit as the first monster truck to mount and crush a car. But a former driver says his monster truck, King Kong, was the first — a big deal in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Sony Will Show 'The Interview' In Some Theaters

After criticism for pulling the release of its comedy film, Sony announced Tuesday that the movie will have a limited release on Christmas Day. The first takers for the film were independent theaters.

Cubans Celebrate The Return Of Three Last Spies

The three intelligence agents were the remaining imprisoned members of the Cuban Five spy ring. Cubans view them as heroes: Their faces are everywhere, and Cubans even know them by their first names.

In Miami, Mixed Emotions Over Release Of Cuban Spies

Obama's release of three Cuban spies sparked outrage among Miami's white-haired Cuban exiles, but the exiles' American-born children and grandchildren see a bright future in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Woman Who Challenged Facebook's Age Limit Dies At 114

Anna Stoehr became an Internet celebrity at age 113, when she owned up to fibbing to join Facebook. Stoehr was born before the Wright brothers took their historic first flight.