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U.S. Operations Killed Two Hostages Held By Al-Qaida, Including An American

Two Americans who worked for al-Qaida were also killed in the counterterrorism operations in January, the White House said. The two hostages killed included an Italian who had been held since 2012.

To Get More Students Through College, Give Them Fewer Choices

A new book recommends simplifying community college pathways to help more students graduate.

Gen. David Petraeus Will Be Sentenced Thursday Over Secret Notebooks

Under the terms of a plea deal, the former CIA director will avoid jail time. Petraeus, 62, admits to having retained notebooks full of classified information and showing them to his biographer.

Dad's Drone Follows Daughter To School

Katie Early, 8, of Knoxville, Tenn., wanted to walk to school by herself. To make sure she was safe, and looking both ways before crossing the street, her dad Chris used a drone to follow her.

Colorado Man Shoots His Troubled Computer

Police in Colorado Springs gave Lucas Hinch a ticket for discharging a firearm. But he told the Los Angeles Times he had no regrets. The crime was premeditated, he says, and also "glorious."

Michael Brown's Parents File Civil Suit Against Ferguson And Former Officer

The wrongful death lawsuit names Darren Wilson, the former police officer who shot Brown, 18, last August. It does not name a specific monetary amount in potential damages.

Critics Lash Out At Chinese Scientists Who Edited DNA In Human Embryos

By editing the genes in embryos in the lab, Chinese scientists showed that it's possible to change hereditary traits that cause a blood disorder. But the work also created unintended mutations.

CDC: Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak Started In 2010

Texas ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries has recalled all its products over Listeria concerns. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the outbreak has been going on for five years.

Congressional Battle Brews Over Bill To Extend NSA Data Collection

A key provision in the USA Patriot Act that allows the NSA to collect and store bulk phone records is set to expire June 1. Senate GOP leaders are pushing to renew that provision for another 5 years.

More Whistleblowers Say Health Plans Are Gouging Medicare

Federal authorities are investigating claims that some Medicare Advantage health plans have overcharged the government for years by claiming that patients are sicker than they are.