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Obama, Biden Won't Go To 2014 Olympics, But Gay Athletes Will

LGBT activists are hailing the Obama administration's choice of a delegation to attend the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. It doesn't include the President or Vice President or their wives or even cabinet secretaries. Instead the delegation includes prominent gay athletes. This is seen as a rebuke of Russia's new anti-propaganda law that targets those who are LGBT.

White House Releases Report On NSA Surveillance Program

A review panel convened by the White House has released its report on surveillance by the National Security Agency. The panel is one of several reviews of U.S. intelligence policy following leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden.

Decade-Long Study Of Big City Schools Finds Better Math, Reading

Ten years after education researchers began focusing on big city school systems and monitoring their math and reading scores, there's good news to report. Today, fourth and eighth graders in many of the nation's largest cities have made impressive gains. Surprisingly, school systems with large numbers of low income children have exceeded the national average in both subjects .

Judge Softens Utah's Anti-Polygamy Law To Mixed Reactions

The ruling is welcome news for those like Joe Darger, who live in polygamous relationships. But others question the court's interpretation and worry about young girls they say are vulnerable to coercion into polygamous marriages.

Intelligence Panel Recommends Limits On NSA Surveillance

A panel appointed by President Obama to review U.S. surveillance activities has recommended that the NSA not be allowed to store Americans' phone records.

What Santa Gave Your Senator This Year

In a year that featured divisive fights over the budget, health care and presidential nominations, 65 members of the U.S. Senate took a break from partisan bickering Tuesday night to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Seeking Wonderful Young Adult Novels That Deal With Race

What books that touch on topics of race would you recommend to a not-so-bookish teen? A reader asks us to share our suggestions.

Kerry Says He Regrets Treatment Of Indian Diplomat In New York

The secretary of state told a top official in New Delhi that a row over the strip-search of a U.S.-based Indian female diplomat should not come between the two countries.

People Buying Health Insurance Get A Bit More Time To Pay

People now have until January 10 to pay for their first month of coverage through the health exchanges. But people using the federal exchange still have to get signed up by Dec. 23. Some states have pushed deadlines even later.

The Man Who Duped Millionaires Into Paying Big Bucks For Fake Wine

Rudy Kurniawan, once considered one of the world's most formidable wine collectors, was convicted Wednesday of making cheap wine blends in his house and then passing them off as some of the rarest wines in the world, for thousands of dollars each, at auction.