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Miami Dolphins Suspend Richie Incognito Over Slurs, Threats

Veteran guard Richie Incognito is alleged to have left intimidating messages and texts on the phone of second-year offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week. The NFL and the Dolphins have transcripts of some of the messages.

Biden, A Man Of Many Words, Omits One At Va. Rally: 'Obama'

There was no mention of the president or the Affordable Care Act at a rally for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. The omission signaled how the law's recent troubles have turned Obama's signature domestic legislation from an asset to a liability. It may have also signaled something else.


Now A Democrat, Ex-Florida Gov. Crist Tries To Get Old Job Back

Charlie Crist left the Republican Party during a failed bid for Senate and later became a Democrat. Now he's running against Florida's current Republican governor, Rick Scott, a conservative elected with strong Tea Party support.

Coloradans To Vote On Schools Initiative Mixing Funding, Reforms

Colorado voters have a big decision to make next week on a proposal that would overhaul the state's public education system. Amendment 66 is best known as a tax increase for public schools. But it would also change the way schools are funded and enact education reforms, making the state the first state to try to combine taxes and reforms in one proposal.

Sportvision Wants To Take You (Home) To The Ballgame

You may know Sportvision as the creators of the yellow line you see on the field during football broadcasts. But the company makes graphical enhancements for all kinds of sports — and hopes its innovations will make watching games on TV even better than cheering from the sidelines.

New Mayor Asks Compton: What Can Brown Do For You?

Aja Brown made history in the city this past summer when she became the youngest mayor to ever be elected there. She has strong family roots in the place made famous by "gangsta rap," and a long list of ambitious reforms for the long-struggling city south of L.A.

Oregon's State Exchange May Be Worse Than

Oregon's health exchange has yet to enroll a single person. Problems with Cover Oregon's website have reduced the state to asking people to submit paper applications for insurance coverage. Then the state has to send them back a form saying how much that insurance will cost. Then a person would send it back to actually enroll.

What If A Congressman Comes Out And Nobody Cares?

Maine Democratic Rep. Mike Michaud's announcement Monday that he's gay is expected to have little effect on his run for governor — except, perhaps, when it comes to the money race.

Bariatric Surgery Can Keep Pounds Off For Years

Three years after bariatic surgery, most people experienced health improvements. Yet some people benefited much more than others. Figuring out those differences would help doctors and patients understand who should have surgery and who should avoid it.

Why Are Pig Farmers Still Using Growth-Promoting Drugs?

There's a curious twist in the contentious debate over feeding antibiotics to animals in order to make them grow faster. Evidence suggests using antibiotics for growth promotion, at least among pigs, doesn't even make economic sense. But some pork producers don't believe it.