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Shutdown Voting Math Fails To Add Up

Several media tallies report there are enough votes to pass a "clean" spending bill. But vote counts by media organizations aren't the most reliable way to gauge the prospects of legislation.

Raids Project Presidential Power Amid Shutdown's Gridlock

The special forces operations against terrorism targets in Libya and Somalia over the weekend came at a time when President Obama badly needed something to go his way. It's a reminder that counterterrorism is the unusual arena where Obama can decide on a course of action — and execute it.

Even Antarctica Feels Effects Of The Government Shutdown

Scientists who study the remote, rugged continent at the bottom of the world are on edge as funding for research there remains in jeopardy. It hasn't been decided yet if Antarctic operations for the research season will be allowed to continue.

Undocumented Immigrants In Calif. Will Benefit From New Laws

The federal government remains shut down over a budget stalemate, but California's Gov. Jerry Brown decided not to wait for Congress to make decisions on the Gordian knot that is U.S. immigration policy.

In A Debt Crisis, U.S. May Have To Decide Payment Priorities

If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. Treasury will be unable to pay creditors and the U.S. will be in default. Some argue Treasury could continue making "priority payments" designed to protect the nation's credit rating. Others say that could undermine the confidence in the U.S. to meet its obligations.

GOP Governors Chart Different Paths On Shutdown

The federal government shutdown has given governors across the country an opportunity to take part in one of their favorite pastimes: scolding Washington.

Raids In Somalia, Libya Spur Legal Questions

Daring weekend raids by U.S. armed forces to capture suspected terrorists in Somalia and Libya are generating a hearty debate among national security lawyers who are raising questions about what authority U.S. forces have to enter foreign soil and how long the al-Qaida operative who was captured can be held without trial.

Shutdown Shutters Already-Clogged Immigration Court

Robert Siegel talks with immigration lawyer Andres Benach about how the government shutdown has affected his clients. Benach has had several clients miss court hearings that may take a year to reschedule, given the backlog of cases the immigration courts face.

California Won't Wait For Congress On Immigration Reform

California Gov. Jerry Brown has singed a bill that limits cooperation with federal authorities that want immigration holds on undocumented people arrested for minor infractions. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has a more extensive proposal to ban virtually all cooperation with the feds. On immigration issues, California appears to be headed in the opposite direction of states like Arizona.

Deepwater Horizon Trial Enters Second Phase

The second phase of the BP oil spill trial is under way in New Orleans. Last week, the court heard arguments about how BP responded to the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010. The judge will now hear testimony about how much oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. BP and the federal government have differing numbers and at stake are billions of dollars in potential fines under the Clean Water Act.