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On The Sanctions List: Russia's 'Darth Vader,' Among Others

David J. Kramer, the president of Freedom House, talks about two of the Russian oligarchs who have been targeted for sanctions by the Obama administration.

Tornados Ravage Midwest, Leaving Over A Dozen Dead

One of the first tornados of the year wreaked havoc in the northern suburbs of Little Rock, Ark. As Michael Hibblen of Little Rock's KUAR reports, more than a dozen people have died.

Obama Bolsters Philippines, With One Eye On China

President Obama is in the Philippines on the last leg of a trip through Asia. The U.S. and the Philippines just signed an agreement to allow more American troops to rotate through the archipelago.

Between Farmers And Frackers, Calif. Water Caught In Tussle

California's extreme drought has drawn battle lines over who gets water and who doesn't. As KQED's Lauren Sommer reports, fracking and farming are vying for freshwater in California's Central Valley.

New York Rep. Michael Grimm Indicted On 20 Counts

Rep. Michael Grimm of New York turned himself in to face federal charges related to a health food restaurant he ran before he was elected to Congress. The Republican congressman says he's innocent and plans to run for re-election this fall, but Democrats have have high hopes of flipping the last GOP-held seat in New York City.

Justices Troubled By Their Earlier Ruling On Public Employee Speech Rights

In 2006, the Supreme Court said public employees have no First Amendment protection for speech "pursuant to their job duties." But Monday, in a case about criminal testimony, justices seemed dubious.

Who Runs The World? 'Time' Magazine Says Beyoncé

In the same week that Lupita Nyong'o was declared the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine, Time named Beyoncé one of the world's '100 Most Influential People.'

Steve Jobs' Death Inspired Goal To Get Kids Coding

Many public schools do not offer computer science classes, even though tech workers are in high demand. Now 30 public school districts have partnered with the nonprofit to get kids coding.

New Film 'All About Ann' Looks At The Life Of A Texan Leader

A new HBO film, All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State looks at one of the most formidable political figures of her time, and the last Democrat ever to serve as governor of Texas.

Should Bigotry Get You Kicked Out Of The NBA?

There has been widespread outrage to racist comments allegedly made by L.A. Clippers' owner Donald Sterling. Host Michel Martin learns more from sports columnists William Rhoden and Christine Brennan.