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What Makes A Bike Pump Worth $450?

The classic Italian Silca pump, a favorite of bicycle racers since 1917, has been redesigned and is now made in Indianapolis. Last year Joshua Poertner bought the company from the founder's grandson.

Air Strikes Against Islamic State Involve Dance With Assad

Melissa Block speaks with Andrew Tabler, senior fellow at the Washington Institute, about how U.S. strikes on ISIS impact the Bashar Assad regime.

As Election Nears, Voting Laws Still Unclear In Some States

Several big voting law cases are still undecided just weeks before the election. The outcomes will not only affect how voters cast their ballots in November, but election laws for years to come.

Cadillac Packs Its Bags And Heads To New York City

Cadillac, the luxury division of General Motors, is leaving Detroit and moving to Manhattan to be closer to the headquarters of other high-end brands.

U.N. Security Council Unanimously Passes Anti-Terrorism Resolution

The measure targets travel of militants abroad as well as recruiting and funding for extremist groups. It was adopted at a meeting chaired by President Obama.

Research Institutions Will Have To Identify 'Dual-Use' Pathogens

Scientists are deeply divided on whether lab-made flu viruses are legitimate medical research or national security threats. A new federal policy asks institutions to evaluate those risks early on.

Obama Challenges U.N. To Confront World's Conflicts

President Obama told the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday that the world stands at a crossroads between war and peace. NPR's Scott Horsley speaks with Audie Cornish from New York City.

The U.S. Bombing Campaign: Is It War Or Counterterrorism?

President Obama has been reluctant to call it a war, yet the administration and the Pentagon boast of a 40-nation coalition and warn of a military operation that could last for years.

Obama At U.N.: World Risks Being Caught In 'Undertow Of Instability'

The president, in an address to the General Assembly, says nations are at a crossroads and that the international system must meet challenges ranging from terrorism to disease.

Hearing That Things Can Change Helps Teens Dodge Depression

High schoolers are vulnerable to depression. Telling teenagers that people and circumstances can change and things will get better helps reduce the risk of depressive symptoms, a study finds.