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Former President George H.W. Bush To Remain In Hospital

Former President George H.W. Bush, 90, is being kept at Houston Methodist Hospital for observation, following breathing difficulties.

Police Kill Young Man In Missouri; 'It's Not What People Portray,' Mayor Says

Police say a black 18-year-old had a gun when he was shot at a gas station in a St. Louis suburb that's just two miles west of Ferguson. Police have released a video of the incident.

Rand Paul Gets In On Festivus Actions

Festivus is the Seinfeld-inspired holiday with an annual airing of grievances. In its honor, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul took to Twitter to complain.

Lower Gas Prices Add Fuel To U.S. Economic Recovery

The average American is seeing a much bigger boost from falling gas prices than from pay raises. Cheap energy could finally put the U.S. economic recovery over the top.

Sending Your Holiday Mail By Way Of Rudolph, Wis.

For most of the year, the tiny town of Rudolph is best known for the cheese factory off Main Street. But around Christmas, people worldwide covet a Rudolph, Wis., postmark on their cards and letters.

More Than 200 Theaters To Show 'The Interview' On Christmas Day

The controversial buddy flick The Interview will be shown on Christmas Day after all, in a small group of theaters. We explore the film's journey from major Hollywood release to art house film.

Obama Administration Downplays Court Challenge To Health Law

With this year's enrollment in Obamacare brisk, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell says she's not worried that the U.S. Supreme Court may yet overturn a key provision of the law.

The Year In Air Travel: Packed Planes And More Perks — For A Price

Commercial airlines earned nearly $20 billion in profits this year. They're using the cash to buy new planes, update facilities and add amenities — but not all of those new comforts will be free.

Costly Hepatitis C Drugs Threaten To Bust Prison Budgets

Inmates in the U.S. have a high rate of infection with chronic hepatitis C — up to 35 percent or more by some estimates. New drugs introduced this year can cure the disease quickly, but at a cost.

Demonstrators March In NYC After Mayor's Call To Suspend Protests

Mayor Bill de Blasio asked people to wait until after the funerals of two officers who were killed on Saturday. Activists say their protests against police brutality aren't linked to the deaths.