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LA Schools Superintendent Steps Down, Defends Tenure

John Deasy's resignation, announced by the Los Angeles school board Thursday, comes after high-profile tussles with the teachers union and a troubled initiative to put an iPad in every student's hand.

Just Seeing Charts And Graphs Makes Drug Claims More Credible

Graphs look so impressive. Even graphs that include no new information made people more likely to think that a drug is effective, a study finds. Can you inoculate yourself against that bias?

Washington, D.C. Election Guide Uses Upside-Down Flag

The Washington Post reported the mistake. But officials contend it was really a brilliant ruse to get attention and fight voter apathy.

New Research Suggests Small High Schools May Help After All

A New York City entrant in a long-running research controversy over the effectiveness of small high schools reveals that a reform derided as a failure has positive impact.

Privacy Advocates Don't Buy FBI's Warning About Encryption Practices

FBI Director James Comey used his first major policy address to warn that new encryption techniques could lock out law enforcement trying to solve crimes. He wants a back door into smartphones.

For Father-And-Son Locksmiths, The Key Is Hard Work

Phil Mortillaro dropped out of school and became a locksmith. Now he owns a Manhattan locksmith shop with his son, Philip Jr. Philip says his dad and the store have become neighborhood institutions.

LA Schools Superintendent To Leave After iPad Controversy

The Los Angeles schools superintendent is stepping down. John Deasy's resignation follows a contracting scandal that put him on the defensive. He talks to Steve Inskeep about why he resigned.

Wild Card Teams, Giants And Royals, To Meet In World Series

The San Francisco Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-3 Thursday to advance to the championship. The day before, the Kansas City Royals defeated the Baltimore Orioles to win their series slot.

Fears Of A U.S. Ebola Outbreak Prompt Travel Ban Proposals

Congressional Republicans continue to call for a ban on travel from the West African nations caught up in the Ebola outbreak. The Obama administration, however, remains firm in opposing a travel ban.

Sustained Lower Gas Prices Could Drive Economic Growth

Gas prices are plunging and before it's all over, some experts say Americans will be paying a $1 a gallon less than a few months ago. That could mean $1,000 more per household in extra spending money.