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WATCH: Jesse Williams On Black Lives, Equal Rights And Freedom

As he accepted BET's Humanitarian Award, the actor spoke about police brutality, oppression and the appropriation of black culture. "We've been floating this country on credit for centuries," he said.
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How Traditional Nonprofits Run Into Problems Trying To Tackle Poverty

Poverty is a more complicated issue than many people realize, and organizations trying to tackle it often run into institutional roadblocks.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren: From Professor To Pugilist

Elizabeth Warren is a rock star in Democratic politics, and there are reports she's being vetted as a possible Clinton running mate. Yet just a few years ago, she was, in Washington terms, a nobody.

Inside A Secret Government Warehouse Prepped For Health Catastrophes

More than $7 billion in drugs, vaccines and supplies are stashed in warehouses to be tapped in case of a pandemic or an attack with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. NPR got a peek at one.

VW Faces Tuesday Deadline For Diesel Emissions Settlement

Volkswagen admitted last September to intentionally cheating on emissions tests. A federal judge has set a Tuesday deadline for VW to work out a plan for making amends.

24 People Killed In W. Va. Flooding; 3 Counties Declared Disaster Areas

Residents in one neighborhood are preparing to apply for federal aid funds. They're weighing whether to rebuild next to the creek that destroyed their homes or abandon the area for higher ground.

Politics In The News: 'Brexit' Reverberates Throughout U.S.

Linda Wertheimer examines the impact of the U.K. voting to leave the EU on the U.S. presidential race with commentator and columnist Cokie Roberts, and Ben Domenech, co-founder of The Federalist.

3 Hours In Orlando: Piecing Together An Attack And Its Aftermath

Thanks to police and FBI records and witness accounts, it's becoming clearer — if still impossible to comprehend — what transpired in Orlando in the early hours of June 12.

Amid Violence At White Nationalist Rally In Sacramento, At Least 10 Hospitalized

The rally unraveled into violence just outside the California Capitol on Sunday. Several were stabbed in the chaos. Sacramento police have made no arrests.

'Brain Drain' As Educated Young People Leave Venezuela

The Venezuela crisis has been creating a diaspora, as young educated Venezuelans move abroad for better opportunities. Maria Alesia Sosa is one of those. She's now a journalist in Miami.