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Award-Winning Poets Write For Passersby In New York

In New York City, award-winning poets are sitting in booths Thursday, ready to write poems on demand for passersby. Organizers of the event say they want to bring poetry to everyone in the city.

Dr. Oz Responds To Criticism On His Show

Dr. Oz is in the spotlight after a number of doctors signed an open letter to Columbia University asking that it revoke his faculty position. On his show Thursday, Dr. Oz addressed his critics.

American Al-Qaida Member Killed In Strike Was Star Of Propaganda Videos

The White House said Thursday that anti-terror operations inadvertently killed two American members of al-Qaida, Adam Gadahn and Ahmed Farouq, in the Afghan-Pakistan border region.

Clinton Foundation Linked To Russian Effort To Buy Uranium Company

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Jo Becker of The New York Times about Russia's foray into the U.S. uranium market and how the Clinton Foundation may have facilitated and benefited from it.

Father Details Daughter's Heroin Addiction In Obituary

NPR's Melissa Block talks to Tom Parks of Saco, Maine, whose daughter Molly Parks died April 16 of a heroin overdose. Parks shared details of his daughter's death on Facebook and in her obituary.

Obama Takes Full Responsibility For Death Of Hostages In U.S. Strike

The White House disclosed that two hostages, including an American citizen, were killed during a U.S. counterterrorism operation against al-Qaida. It said that two al-Qaida leaders were also killed.

15 Years After The Dot-Com Bust, A Nasdaq Record

The Nasdaq has closed at a new high. It last peaked just before the dot-com crash, and "Nasdaq 5,000" soon became code for stock market bubble. Does the record hold any of the same warnings today?

How Texas Ranchers Try To Clinch The Perfect Rib-Eye

The rib-eye is the bestselling cut of beef in America both at the supermarket and the steakhouse. Once a year, breeders bring their stock into the barn to take a peek at the steak using ultrasound.

#TBT: With Year To Go In White House, First Lady Runs For Senate

It was almost unthinkable at the time, but Hillary Clinton wouldn't be where she is today without taking the bold chance on running for a U.S. Senate seat in a state where she never lived.

Couples Counseling Catches On With Tech Co-Founders

Friction between close business partners is the reason many startups fail. But increasingly in Silicon Valley, co-founders of companies are turning to therapists before things go south.