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Employers Help Legal Immigrants On Path To Citizenship

Some firms are helping their legal immigrant employees by bringing citizenship workshops and legal assistance to the jobsite. About 100 companies in seven cities are participating in the program.

Low Gas Prices Predicted For 2015 And Beyond

Prices at the pump have dipped below $2 a gallon in some parts of the country this month, with average prices more than one-third lower than this summer. Analysts say that trend is likely to continue.

What Would Jesus Drink? A Class Exploring Ancient Wines Asks

The details of wine and winemaking practices in biblical times are debated among experts. But we do know that vino in Christ's day was very different from what we imbibe today.

Why Bury Fig Trees? A Curious Tradition Preserves A Taste Of Italy

For generations, Italian-American fig growers in the Northeast have buried their trees in trenches for the winter. It's a tradition that preserves both flavor and ancestral ties to southern Italy.

Online Sellers Pop Up In Real Life, For A Limited Time Only

One-click shopping is changing the ways people shop and retailers sell their wares. But some online retailers are opening physical stores — some of which last as short as a day.

Peaceful Protests In Missouri After Latest Police Shooting

A few hundred gathered for a vigil and march for 18-year-old Antonio Martin, who was fatally shot by a police officer on Tuesday.

NYPD Sorts Out Threats, Plans Funerals For Liu And Ramos

Police in New York City are monitoring threats made against officers and are upping security at some stationhouses.

'The Interview' Gets Nationwide Theatrical Release

Nearly 300 independent theaters are showing the comedy, which Sony Pictures had originally pulled following threats. The studio is also showing the movie on streaming services.

28 Years Later, Lynda Alsip Gets Her Mustang Back

The California woman had her 1967 Mustang stolen when she was 17. She got a call from the Highway Patrol — they'd found the vehicle and traced it back to her after someone tried to register it.

Pittsburgh Tries To Attract Enterprising Immigrants And Refugees

Pittsburgh is the latest Rust Belt city hoping to lure high-skilled immigrants into its labor force by helping refugees and other immigrants land the kind of jobs they held back home.