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Police Make Arrest In Suspected Car Arsons

Police in Los Angeles on Monday made an arrest in connection with a string of arson fires that have left that city on edge. Most of the fires were set in parked cars, and some spread to carports, garages and apartments. All Things Considered host Melissa Block talks to reporter Sam Quinones, who is following the story for the Los Angeles Times.

U.S. Auto Sales Seen Continuing To Rebound In 2012

Automakers will report U.S. sales for 2011 on Wednesday. When final figures are calculated, sales of new cars and trucks are expected to reach 12.7 million, up from 11.5 million in 2010 and 10.4 million in 2009, the worst year since 1982. For 2012, analysts expect sales to top 13.6 million.

Oil-Drilling Wastewater Seen Causing Earthquake

Thousands of gallons of brine were injected daily into a Youngstown, Ohio, well that opened in 2010. It might take a year for the wastewater-related rumblings in the earth to dissipate, an expert says.

In Winter Classic, Rangers Nip Flyers, Al Fresco

The New York Rangers rallied from two goals down to beat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 in the Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park Monday. The hockey rink stretched from first base to third base at the Phillies' baseball stadium.

Driving And Phoning: What's New In 2012

States have long sought to restrict cellphone use by drivers because of safety concerns, and as the new year begins, several states are toughening their laws. It turns out it's a hard habit to break. And for government officials, it's not easy to stay ahead of tech advances.

Op-Ed: 364-Day Calendar Intriguing But Unnecessary

It's 2012 — time to throw out the 2011 calendar. But professors Richard Conn Henry and Steven Hanke say it's time to trash the Gregorian calendar altogether. The Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar would make holidays fall on the same day of the week each year. Wired's Brandon Keim explains why he thinks the plan is not a good idea.

On Eve Of Vote, Romney Returns To 2008 Strongholds

Just a day before Iowa caucus-goers make their decisions, Mitt Romney sought to shore up support in the eastern part of the state. "I think we're surprised to find ourselves in the hunt here in Iowa," one Romney adviser said.

In Final Iowa Push, Once-Sunny Gingrich Says Romney 'Will Lie To You'

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich, trying to reverse a slide in the polls, complained about a Supreme Court decision that allows wide-open spending on negative campaign ads.

Santorum's Support Builds Ahead Of Iowa Caucuses

A new Des Moines Register poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers has Mitt Romney in first place, followed by Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. But Santorum's popularity is surging. He's hoping to consolidate the state's evangelical vote, like Mike Huckabee did in 2008, and finish second or even first.