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Friday's El Reno Tornado Called Widest In U.S. History

New data about the tornado, which has been blamed for 18 deaths, was released Tuesday. Its intensity was upgraded to the maximum of EF5, and the weather agency says its winds reached 295 miles an hour.

U.S. Skater Will Boycott Disciplinary Hearing On Tampering

After admitting to tampering with a rival's skate blade, U.S. speedskater Simon Cho will boycott a hearing in Germany next week that could bring a lifetime ban, NPR has learned. Cho says his coach ordered him to tamper with the Canadian's skate in 2011.

Christie Finesses Challenge Created By Senate Vacancy

Gov. Chris Christie needed a plausible explanation for choosing a politically advantageous, if more costly, special election date to replace the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg. Maybe he found it.

U.S. Trade Body Rules Apple Violated Samsung Patents

The U.S. International Trade Commission's ruling affects some older models of the iPhone and iPad. President Obama has 60 days to overturn the order; Apple said it will appeal.

Defense: Too Many Documents 'Classifed' In Rosen Leak Case

The lawyer for a former State Department contractor accused of leaking top-secret data to Fox News says that intelligence agencies are calling too many harmless documents "classified." In federal court, attorney Abbe D. Lowell cited an example: a note between the defendant and his child.

4 Big Players Emerge In Military Sexual Assault Debate

A dramatic faceoff on Capitol Hill, involving two generals and two female senators, appeared to only deepen the chasm between the four-star brass and those who want significant change in a system that has failed victims for decades.

Single Black Man Seeks LTR. Single Black Woman? Not So Much

A new poll of African-Americans found one bit of data that raised some eyebrows: Single black men were much more interested in long-term relationships than single black women.

Obama's D.C. Court Nominations Heat Up Battle With Senate

The president announced Tuesday his picks for three vacant spots on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, considered the second most important court in the nation. Getting nominees through the Senate has been a struggle, and by announcing three at once, the president is putting pressure on Republicans.

Ohio State President Will Retire In Wake Of Latest Gaffes

After his remarks on Catholics, other schools, rival athletic conferences and coaches created a furor, Ohio State University president Gordon Gee says he will retire on July 1. Gee, 69, has apologized for the remarks, which were reportedly intended as jokes.