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New Information Emerges In Secret Service Scandal

There's new information in the investigation of Secret Service misconduct involving prostitutes before President Obama's visit to South America last week. Audie Cornish talks to Ari Shapiro for more.

How America 'Struck Back': Doolittle Raid Turns 70

Seventy years ago Wednesday, 80 Army Air Corps crewmen flew 16 B-25 bombers on a secret mission to Japan. The World War II attack became known as the Doolittle Raid, and this week, four of the five remaining Doolittle raiders will be gathering in Dayton, Ohio, to remember the mission.

Obama-Romney Poll-A-Palooza: What Does It Mean?

A slew of new national polls show President Obama leading presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney — except when he isn't. With 200-plus days until the election, here's a guide to navigating the confounding world of poll watching.

In Noisy Digital Era, 'Elegant' Internet Still Thrives

Before Facebook and MySpace transformed how we interact online, there was another kind of Internet: the SDF network, made up of users connecting via phone lines and code. Around the world, 30,000 computing enthusiasts still use that network today.

Former Romney Adviser: Veep Hunt Could Lead To Portman

In a conversation about what qualities Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, might seek in a person to fill out his national ticket, GOP consultant Mike Murphy told NPR's Melissa Block the worse thing would be to go for the political equivalent of a sugar high. That happened in 2008 with Sarah Palin. He thinks the GOP learned its lesson. Thus, he thinks Sen. Rob Portman looms large for Romney.

Warren Buffett Has Prostate Cancer; Detected At Early Stage, He Says

Warren Buffett, 81, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, his Berkshire Hathaway company announced Tuesday afternoon. The cancer is at Stage 1, according to MarketWatch. The billionaire investor says that his condition is not life-threatening.

Carrying 'Dreams': Why Women Become Surrogates

Most surrogates are paid thousands of dollars to bear a child for someone else, but many say that's not the main motivation. Women who are eager to get pregnant on behalf of others are inspired, among other things, by family history and a love of pregnancy.