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Immigration Comments Touch Nerve With 'Diverse' Canadians

Host Michel Martin and editor Ammad Omar dip into Tell Me More listeners' letters to get their take on the week's top stories. This week, Canadian listeners take exception to a comment made on Thursday's show.

Making Peace With The Bible By Writing It Out Word For Word

Reading the Bible from cover to cover might seem like a heavy task. But what about writing it? Host Michel Martin speaks with Phillip Patterson, who is just two verses away from writing out the whole King James Bible. He talks about how he kept the faith in spite of loss and illness.

In The Land Of Wild Ramps, It's Festival Time

Springtime in Appalachia means ramp festival season. But as ramp festivals and urban ramp vendors attract record numbers of people, scientists warn that the wild populations of the seasonal greens are being forced into decline.

Jacob & Sophia Rule Among Baby Names, But Liz & Liam Are Hot

For the 14th year, Jacob was the most popular name for boys born in the U.S. Sophia topped the girls' list for the second straight year. Some other names are rising fast: Elizabeth, Liam, Arya and Major are among them.

Spire Intact, World Trade Center Stretches To 1,776 Feet

With its glittering spire now firmly attached, the new World Trade Center became the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere Friday morning.

DNA Shows Cleveland Suspect Is Girl's Father, State Says

Also: The local prosecutor reportedly may seek the death penalty against Ariel Castro, and also might file charges for every day of kidnapping and every act of sexual violence, among other offenses.

FBI Says Data About Probe Of Bombing Suspect Was Shared

Although Boston's police chief says his department didn't know the FBI had investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev's possible ties to extremists, the bureau says that information was entered into a database that local authorities could access.

Florida Man Fleeing From Cops Attacked By Alligator

Police in Pinellas County, Fla., pulled over Bryan Zuniga at a traffic stop, but he ran away. His already bad day got worse because as he fled, he was attacked by an alligator. Police later arrested him at the hospital, where he was being treated for his wounds.