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Tulsa Shooting Suspect Had Troubled Past

An Oklahoma judge set a $9.1 million bond for each of the two men suspected in Friday's shootings of five black people in Tulsa. Three of the victims died. Authorities delayed charging the suspects until next week.

Spring Trout Season Starts With Fervor In Ill.

Fishing fanatics have been waiting months for the first cast of Illinois' spring trout season. More than 60,000 rainbow trout have been stocked into waterways throughout the state. In the next few weeks, nearly a quarter of those fish will be caught by seasoned anglers and newcomers to the sport.

With Cancer Care, The U.S. Spends More, But Gets More

Cancer care costs more in the U.S., but people live longer than they do in European countries, according to new research. But the numbers are 10 years old, and it will take more research to know if today's increased spending is worth it.

Op-Ed: Court's Ruling Enables Homeless People

In 2011, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction banning Los Angeles police from confiscating and destroying the belongings of homeless people on Skid Row. In the Los Angeles Times, Carol Schatz argues that the ruling, intended to protect the homeless, puts them in greater danger.

What Makes Neighborhood Watches Work

There is some evidence to suggest that citizens monitoring their communities can reduce crime. But the Trayvon Martin shooting focused new attention on neighborhood watch programs. Many neighborhoods have them, but the Martin case has brought questions about what they can and can't do to the fore.