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Stockton, Calif., Files For Bankruptcy

It is the largest city in U.S. history to seek such protection.

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Prompts Foot Race In Press Corps

Journalists raced to get copies of the Supreme Court decision on the federal health law out of the courthouse as fast as humanly possible. Photographers were there to document their colleagues' athletic prowess.

How To Avoid Bankruptcy (If You're A City)

Stockton, Calif.'s municipal bankruptcy filing makes it the largest city in U.S. history to go bust. Its failure — and those of a few other cities recently — offer clues for other local governments about how to stay solvent.

Roberts' Ruling Recalls Other Moments When High Court Shocked The Nation

Time and again, the court has shaken up American politics with pronouncements no one quite expected, from the rejection of "separate but equal" schools to the striking down of bans on gay sex. And the effects of a landmark decision may only be revealed over time.

Recent Rulings Show How Hard It Is to Predict High-Profile Court Decisions

Thursday's ruling on the controversial health care law showed that perhaps it's best not to pay too much attention to how smoothly oral arguments go, or to the legal prognosticators who try to predict the outcomes.

Twitter Was On Fire After Court's Health Decision

Following the Supreme Court decision on health care, there was some partisan and humorous rhetoric. One guy tweeted: As a law student, I am reading this opinion like a 15-year-old girl reads Twilight.

First Death Confirmed From Colorado Springs Wildfire

That grim news comes as firefighters report progress in battling the flames, and as the weather forecast bodes well for making more gains today.