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Maryland Case May Discourage Political Dirty Tricks

A campaign manager for former Gov. Bob Ehrlich is charged with using fraud to dissuade voters from going to the polls on Election Day last year. The case could affect how many dirty tricks voters will see in upcoming elections.

Ron Paul's 'Big Dog' Ad One Of GOP Race's Coolest Commercials

Rep. Ron Paul may not be leading in any of the major presidential polls. But he arguably is setting the pace when it comes to the 2012 presidential campaign ads.After unleashing a fiery anti-Newt Gingrich ad in which he accused the former House speaker of "serial hypocrisy," Paul on Monday went up with a catchy new ad in Iowa in which he portrays himself as the real budget cutter.

Blotting — Not Squatting — In Detroit Neighborhoods

In Detroit, residents are blotting — creating a property between the size of a lot and a city block — by annexing or fencing off vacant land. It's being used to plant gardens, park cars and create suburban-style tracts in a city once packed with working class homes.

U.S., Russia To Raise Differences On Missile Defense

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev has been attacking the U.S. for its missile defense plans in Europe. He even said Russia might reconsider the New START agreement, which limits strategic nuclear warhead deployments.

Can Congress Really Compromise On Extending The Payroll Tax Cut?

Congressional leaders from both parties say the payroll tax cut is a must-pass measure. It's just not entirely clear how it's going to happen.

As His Past Emerges As An Issue, Frontrunner Gingrich Spars And Parries

After seeking the blessing of Donald Trump, former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned Nancy Pelosi against dishing dirt from the old House ethics investigation against him.

Look, Up In The Sky! It's A Drone, Looking At You

Unmanned aircraft — or drones — are playing a big role in U.S. military operations abroad but they're starting to show up above the U.S. as well. Drones are already being used to patrol the border with Mexico, and now they may soon be coming to your local police department.

A Carrot For College Performance: More Money

Public colleges and universities in Tennessee have a new incentive to boost student success: Their funding depends on it. Will this approach improve dismal completion rates?