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Kansas GOP Campaigns To Exile Moderates

Moderate Republicans have come under attack in primaries across the country this year, but the split in the GOP is perhaps older and sharper in Kansas — and it comes to a head Tuesday. "Bridges have been burned," says one candidate. "Everybody is all-in this election."

A Peek Into The Republican Economic Tool Kit

Weekend Edition Sunday is beginning a series of conversations with economists, asking them to explain their positions and what they think ought to be done to improve the economy. Guest host Linda Wertheimer talks to Greg Mankiw, former chairman of the Council of Economic advisers under President George W. Bush. He's also an informal adviser to the Romney campaign.

Park Known For FDR Home Short On Visitors

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's family began vacationing on Campobello Island, in the Bay of Fundy, in the early 1880s. The Roosevelt Campobello International Park used to attract around 150,000 visitors a year, including tours of FDR's home. Maine Public Radio's Jay Field reports it's still trying to recover from economic hard times, while attracting new visitors.

The People's Boutique In Washington, D.C.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday vulnerable D.C. residents can visit Bread for the City and get some clothing for themselves and their families.

Bat Calls Make Eerie Comeback As Techno-Like Beats

Bats are disappearing, falling prey to a mysterious disease called white-nose syndrome. At a national park in Vermont, their mysterious sounds are celebrated in a new audio exhibit.

Backs To Scratch: Romney Has An Ally In Indiana

While the state is expected to vote solidly Republican in the presidential election, it may not lean to the right in the U.S. Senate race. Romney campaigned in Indiana Saturday and showed his support for candidate Richard Mourdock, who could help his campaign — and possibly even his administration.

Scientists Look To Martian Rocks For History Of Life

A rover poised for a Mars landing late Sunday will explore higher and farther than any before. It's loaded down with experiments designed to test the rocks and atmosphere of Mars. Question No. 1: Was there life there?