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Virginia Governor Backs Down From Ultrasound Bill

After protests, the GOP governor asked legislators to revise a bill that would have mandated an invasive procedure before a woman could have an abortion. The bill had become a political liability for Bob McDonnell at a time many see him as a potential GOP vice presidential candidate.

Obama Campaign Buys Air Time In Michigan Touting Auto Bailout

A day after the superPAC supporting President Obama purchased air time in Michigan for a spot attacking Mitt Romney for his opposition to the auto industry bailout, the president's re-election campaign itself bought air time in the state to run a pre-Republican primary ad on the issue.

For One Man, The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen

Tony Gangi, aka The Amazing Human Head, is an aspiring sideshow performer from Massachusetts. He gave up a career in publishing to impale himself in a variety of ways, but couldn't have pursued the sideshow arts — including sword swallowing — without support from his loving and still squeamish wife, Suzanne.

Blue Angels Bring Winter Thrill To California City

El Centro has something most hard luck small cities don't have — the Blue Angels. For three months every winter, the Navy's flight demonstration squadron makes the city its training home. It's been an enduring love affair for both the city and its adopted military family.