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Did The Great Recession Bring Back The 1930s?

The downturn and sluggish recovery of recent years had been compared to the nation's worst economic period. Now that much more data is available to measure it, how did the Great Recession stack up against the Great Depression?

U.S. Pig And Cattle Producers Trying To Crush Egg Bill

The egg industry and the Humane Society of the United States support a bill to require egg-laying hens to be raised in bigger cages, but a new organization backed by the pork industry and others is urging Congress to kill the egg bill.

Romney To NAACP: If You Knew My Heart, I Would Get Your Vote

The Republican presidential candidate's message to African-Americans is that his economic and education policies will "help hundreds of millions of middle class Americans of all races."

The Value Of Taxing The Wealthy: $56 Billion

President Barack Obama's proposal to let the Bush tax cuts expire for wealthier Americans could add significantly to federal coffers.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Office Pressured To Release Details About Condition

A source close to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., says his staff or doctors could provide more information on the condition of the congressman as early as Wednesday, NPR's David Schaper reports. Jackson took a leave of absence a month ago, but his office has been vague about the circumstances.

JPMorgan Will Move To 'Claw Back' Millions From Execs Who Bungled Billions

According to The Wall Street Journal, the bank will indeed seek to recover stocks paid to some of its top executives.

Holy Cow! Family Finds Baseball Card Collection That May Fetch $3 Million

Stored away in an Ohio attic for about 100 years, the rare cards are in mint condition. Among the players: Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb and Connie Mack. Now, 20 cousins will share the windfall.

In Scranton, Pa., City Workers Sue Over Having Wages Slashed

Faced with a nearly $17 million budget hole, the mayor cut all city workers' pay to minimum wage. Now the city's being sued. Workers say they weren't given a fair hearing and are owed overtime.

eHarmony Has An App For When A Date Goes South

The app simulates a rescue phone call. The app can show a telephone number — a coworker's, your mother's — and a photo of the supposed caller. Although it can't guarantee your date will believe the fake excuse.