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A (Purchased) Haiku For You, Mom

Finding the right gift for Mother's Day is often a challenge, so some students at Washington and Lee University are offering their classmates customized poems — at a price. Virginia Public Radio's Sandy Hausman reports.

Calling 911? Or Did You Just Sit Down?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a study this week that shows that 38 percent of the calls received by New York's emergency services are mistakes, mobile phones that dial 911 when a user jostles a phone in their purse or pocket.

Attorney Katzenbach Was A Key Force For Civil Rights

Former attorney general Nicholas Katzenbach played a major role in the nation's battle over civil rights and other pivotal moments in the 1960s. As NPR's Debbie Elliott reports, he died this week in his New Jersey home at the age of 90.

Rosa Parks Etched Into History, And D.C.'s Cathedral

The Washington National Cathedral dedicated a new stone carving of Rosa Parks this week. The statue joins carvings of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Catholic Archbishop of El Salvador Oscar Romero in the cathedral's Human Rights Porch.

Sports: Big Game Sevens On Both Coasts

Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the latest in the world of sports: lots of game sevens.

Iowa On Same-Sex Marriage: It's Complicated

The outcome of this year's election will be determined by a handful of states. One of them is Iowa, where gay marriage is legal. Jobs may be at the forefront of voters' minds, but President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage — and Mitt Romney's response — could swing voters either way.

Wearing Helmets In Tornadoes Gains Momentum

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there's not yet enough scientific evidence to fully endorse the idea, but the agency is warming up to people donning helmets when severe weather threatens.