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Smartphone Maker Waits For Patent Decision

The world's No. 4 smartphone maker HTC may have to pull most of its phones from the U.S. market. That's because of Apple's ongoing patent battle with the makers of smartphones that use Google's Android operating system. The International Trade Commission is set to rule on the case Wednesday.

Lowes Hammered For Bowing To Ad Pressure

Calls for a boycott against home improvement giant Lowes have been streaming in. The controversy involves Lowes advertising on the reality TV show All-American Muslim, which follows the daily lives of five Arab-American families in Dearborn, Mich. Lowes pulled its ads after a conservative group complained.

Captured Drone May Have Limited Benefit For Iran

Tehran says it acquired "priceless technological information" after a CIA spy drone went down in Iran earlier this month. But defense experts say the pilotless craft, much like the U-2 spy plane shot down in the 1960s, may have more value as propaganda than as a treasure trove of technological secrets.

Police Use Flash Grenades To Reopen Seattle Terminal

Hundreds of Occupy protesters marched to Seattle's Harbor Island Monday, and briefly blocked traffic coming into the city's busy port. The Seattle event was the culmination of a day of coordinated protests at ports up and down the West Coast.

Obama Warns Iraq's Sovereignty Must Be Respected

President Obama is marking the fulfillment of one of his most significant promises: ending the war in Iraq. During a news conference Monday with Iraq's prime minister, Obama warned other nations — particularly Iran — not to interfere in Iraq when the U.S. military presence ends.

EPA To Unveil Stricter Rules For Power Plants

The rules, which come two decades after Congress ordered the agency to regulate toxic air pollution, would give power plants nationwide just three more years to slash mercury and other harmful emissions. But some big power plants are angling for more time.