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Neil Armstrong 'Doing Great' After Heart Surgery

That's good news, tweets the second man on the moon — Buzz Aldrin — because he and Armstrong have "agreed to make it [to] the 50th Apollo Anniv in 2019."

Drought May Force Tougher Water Restrictions

As drought continues throughout the country, municipalities are doing their part to maintain water sources like lakes. In some cities, officials are using law enforcement to regulate the water usage of businesses and residents.

Obama Campaigns On GOP Turf In Colorado

President Obama is in the midst of a two-day campaign swing through Colorado. The Rocky Mountain West is a key battleground area in the November election. A new poll shows the president leading Mitt Romney among women in the state but trailing his Republican rival among Colorado men.

Retailers Go For Gold By Evoking Olympic Games

More than 20 percent of online retailers have referred to the Olympics in their promotional materials in recent weeks. But unless they're official sponsors, they can't directly use trademarked Olympic symbols or even the word Olympics. So many have had to get creative, using language such as go for the gold, podium or world-class to catch the attention of fans.

How Other Networks Compete Against Olympic Games

NBC's coverage of the London Olympics is a ratings hit. This can present a problem for other networks looking to lure viewers — especially those dedicated to broadcasting sports. Steve Inskeep, talks to media reporter John Ourand of the Sports Business Daily about counter-programming the Olympics, and what sports networks like ESPN are showing instead.

Election Spotlight Returns To Iowa

At the beginning of the presidential race, Iowa was among the most important states in the country. Now, after a few months out of the spotlight, it's the center of political attention again. Mitt Romney campaigned in Des Moines Wednesday. Barack Obama will be there next week.

A Pet Project In Atlanta

One of the largest no-kill animal shelters in Georgia, cares for more than 600 homeless cats and dogs every day. Furkids has also placed more than 7,000 animals into permanent homes.

Uncovering Secrets Buried At A Neglected Cemetery

Lincoln Cemetery in Montgomery, Ala., was established in 1907 for African-Americans. But with no one in charge of the cemetery or keeping burial records, abuse, vandalism and neglect became rampant. And no one is sure where people are actually buried. Recently, volunteers began cleaning up and documenting the graves.