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Occupying The Nation's Attention, If Not Its Cities

Most of the Occupy Wall Street protesters have gone home, but they have left a cultural and political legacy that will likely shape the debate about economic fairness in America for some time to come — and have a direct impact on the 2012 elections.

How Much English Is Enough To Hold Office?

An Arizona judge has deemed Alejandrina Cabrera's English language skills to be inadequate, and has struck her name from the ballot for the city council. Host Michel Martin takes a look at the election controversy in the small border town of San Luis, Arizona. She speaks with Mayor Juan Carlos Escamilla and KAWC reporter Michelle Faust.

Why Millions of Americans Have No Government ID

Several states have tightened voting requirements, making it mandatory to show a form of government-issued photo ID before casting a ballot. But millions of Americans don't have a government ID. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR's Corey Dade about who is least likely to have one and why.

Governors Settle On Super Bowl Bet

The governors of New York and Massachusetts are betting on the Giants and Patriots. Andrew Cuomo's wager includes bagels. Deval Patrick's bet includes clam chowder.

Bill Would Make Cairn Terrier Kansas State Dog

A state lawmaker in Kansas is proposing a measure to make the cairn terrier the official state dog. Toto from The Wizard of Oz was that breed.