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Deal Reached On Gulf Oil Spill Victims

The trial to determine liability in the Deepwater Horizon spill was scheduled to start Monday in New Orleans. But late Friday, BP and some of the plaintiffs announced a settlement. The rest of the plaintiffs could still choose to take the case to trial.

GOP Candidates Brace For Super Tuesday Contests

It all comes down to Ohio. That's the view of many political observers one day ahead of Super Tuesday's 10 Republican contests. Can Mitt Romney use his Michigan win as a springboard to achieve victory in the economically- and demographically-similar state next door? Or, will Romney's lack of home-state advantages give Santorum a slight edge?

Are Tax Breaks The Right Move For Manufacturing?

The White House says restoring the U.S. manufacturing sector is an essential part of getting the economy back on track. GOP candidate Rick Santorum also wants to see tax breaks for manufacturing companies. But economists say tax breaks may not be the best way to help manufacturers.

Districts Still Unsettled As New York Primary Nears

New York is one of the last remaining states in the country that has yet to redraw its congressional boundaries based on the 2010 census. Lawmakers have tried, and failed, to agree on two seats to eliminate. Meanwhile, a federal judge prepares to release her own political map later this month.

Ohio Is Key Test For GOP Hopefuls

Ohio is one of 10 states holding contests to pick their party's presidential nominee on Super Tuesday. The conventional wisdom has been that whoever takes Ohio in the general election goes on to win the White House, which makes the state the main focus of attention for GOP candidates.

(Sock) Monkey Business: A Festival For Iconic Toy

Sock monkeys, the red-mouthed, yarn-topped toys with a wide smile, were born during the Great Depression and handcrafted for the working class. Devotees of the little critters are still cherishing them at the annual festival dedicated to the Sock Monkey in Rockford, Ill.