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Healthy Cooking, A Performance Artist's Statement

Performance artist Robert Karimi has made it his mission to fight Type 2 Diabetes by making healthy cooking the basis for his performance art installations. Karimi takes his show on the road to the unlikeliest places to show his audience that healthy cooking can be exotic and fun. Yowei Shaw reports.

Alaskan Winter Doesn't Freeze Protesters' Resolve

Occupy demonstrators in Fairbanks, Alaska, are maintaining their encampment despite frigid temperatures. The local government wants the protesters to remove their tents, citing a no-camping law. Occupiers claim the tents are essential shelter, given the extreme cold.

New Hampshire Takes Another Look At Ron Paul

The Texas congressman drew less than 8 percent of the vote in the state in 2008. But things could be significantly different this time as Paul reaches into new corners of the electorate: He's adding independents and registered Republicans to his base of young voters and hard-core libertarians.


Beyond Fighting Crime, FBI Reaches Out To Victims

When FBI agents arrive at the scene of a shooting or a terrorist attack, a representative from the FBI's Office for Victim Assistance is often there to help people who are affected. The FBI offers practical help as well as referrals for counseling.

In Tenn., A Possible Model For Higher Education

Many community colleges let students pick and choose classes, but those who sign up at a Tennessee Technology Center have their schedules decided for them. The centers work closely with advisers from local businesses to keep their programs in sync with economic reality — one reason why around 8 in 10 students finish and get a job in their field.

Alleged NATO Attack Strains U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan says 25 of its soldiers were killed in a NATO helicopter attack on a checkpoint at the Afghan border. NATO says it is investigating what happened. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Quil Lawrence about the incident, which has further exacerbated U.S.-Pakistan tensions.

Marine's Life Forever Altered By War

Andrew Robinson was injured by a roadside bomb during his second deployment to Iraq. Now a quadriplegic, he says he is learning how to use his limited mobility and is proud of having protected his fellow soldiers. He is especially motivated because his wife is expecting twins next month.

War By Remote Control: Drones Make It Easy

This year, the Air Force says it will recruit more pilots to fly unmanned aircraft than manned fighters and bombers combined. Here's what that shift means for the military, for potential pilots, and the way we think — or don't think — about war.

Deal Reached; NBA Season Mostly Saved

After a marathon bargaining session that lasted into the wee hours of Saturday morning, owners and players representatives emerged with an agreement that should lead to a new contract. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about the tentative labor deal between NBA owners and players.