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Obama Lures Donors With A Hollywood Sweepstakes

President Obama is attending a fundraiser at the California home of actor George Clooney, along with about 150 guests. Almost anyone can attend, if they pony up $40,000. But for a few sweepstakes winners, the price of admission is about $3. It's the latest innovation in political fundraising.

Battle Over Next Year's Budget Begins On Capitol Hill

On Thursday afternoon the House approved a package of billions of dollars in domestic program spending cuts, designed to prevent military spending cuts that would otherwise take effect in January under so-called "sequestration."

DOJ Sues Controversial Ariz. Sheriff Over Civil Rights

The Justice Department is suing Arizona's most controversial sheriff on civil rights violations. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being charged with racial profiling of motorists, mistreatment of inmates and retaliation against his critics.

Small Post Offices Spared By Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service announced a strategy Wednesday that will keep the doors open and the counters staffed at the country's smallest post offices. Melissa Block talks with Debra Stadin. She collected signatures to keep the post office in Kerrick, Minn., from closing. She works at the bank next door to the post office, where her daughter Terri is "Post Officer-in-Charge."

The Politics Around Obama's Gay Marriage Support

What's been going on in the White House on same-sex marriage shift? Was this a forced moment or an orchestrated presentation of a policy change? Mara Liasson talks to Audie Cornish about the key elements of the internal and external politics in the days before and after the president's announcement.

Gay Marriage Support Rose Drastically In Eight Years

Wednesday's comments from President Barack Obama in support of gay marriage are in line with about 50 percent of Americans. However, that was not the case even just 8 years ago. For more on the how and why American's attitudes have shifted on this issue Melissa Block talks with Nate Silver of The New York Times.

Hear That? Annoying Hum Has Canada Making Noise

The residents of Windsor, Ontario, say they're being invaded by an irritating sound that's emanating from outside Detroit. It's known as the "Windsor Hum" and, with U.S. officials claiming Americans can't hear it, no one seems to know who should be in charge of shutting it up.