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Sick From The Stick: When Teens Cook Venison Kabobs

Killing and cooking wild deer for a high school class project turned bad when 29 teenagers fell ill with E. coli. Cooking the meat as kabobs may have spread the bugs. And teenage food safety habits didn't help.

111-Year-Old Woman To Become U.S. Citizen

On Friday, Warina Zaya Bahou becomes a U.S. citizen in Sterling Heights, Mich. She's an immigrant from Iran and was born in 1900. She will become the second-oldest person to be naturalized as an American.

N.Y. Philharmonic Interrupted By Ringing Cellphone

The iPhone Marimba ringtone had not been written into Mahler's Ninth Symphony. But there it was, chirping from the front row of the audience. The conductor was so incensed, he cut off the performance and waited for the phone to stop.

Electronics Show Helps Good Products Catch On

Each year, thousands of companies converge on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hoping to generate buzz for their gadgets. Companies that succeed need luck, good PR and a product that seems cool or useful. HzO, a small company that makes waterproof coatings for phones and tablets, has broken through in a big way.

Mild Winter Could Hurt Western States Water Supply

Across much of Colorado, Utah, Montana and northern California, the snowpack is at less than half the average. There are concerns the skimpy snowpack won't fill the reservoirs and rivers. Millions of people depend on melting snow for their drinking water and farms.

NFL Playoffs Resume With 4 Weekend Games

Tim Tebow will lead the Denver Broncos against the New England Patriots in the marquee game Saturday night. TV ratings for this game could go through the roof.

Gingrich Backs Off On Private Equity Jabs At Romney

As Newt Gingrich campaigned in South Carolina Thursday, there were signs he was beginning to soften his critique of the private equity career of rival Mitt Romney. Gingrich had come under fire this week from fellow Republicans for his attack on Romney for his time at Bain Capital.