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U.S. Somalis Lose Only Means Of Sending Cash Home

Somalis in the U.S. have long supported their families in East Africa, many of whom were driven from their homes by war or famine. Now the last American bank to work with Somali money-wiring companies is eliminating that service, and some worry that the cutoff could lead to a humanitarian crisis.

Paroled U.S. Activist Says Peru Won't Let Her Leave

Paroled U.S. activist Lori Berenson said Saturday that she and her toddler son were not permitted to leave Peru despite being granted permission in court to spend the holidays in New York with her family.

Penn State Officials Face Trial In Sex Abuse Case

Accused of trying to cover up Penn State's child sex abuse scandal, two former administrators will face a trial on perjury charges. A judge made that decision at a preliminary hearing on Friday, as NPR's Jeff Brady reports. Warning: This segment contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

A Freshman's Year In A Dysfunctional Congress

We've been checking in throughout the year with Republican freshman Bill Huizenga, who represents western Michigan. He shares his take on this much-maligned Congress with host Scott Simon.

In Congress, Short-Term Compromise At 11th Hour

Friday night, the House of Representatives prevented a shutdown with a stopgap bill, just hours before the last stopgap funding bill would have expired. There's also been a deal to keep a payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance from expiring two weeks from now. NPR's David Welna joins host Scott Simon to explain the congressional landscape in the final weeks of the year.

Soldier's Hearing Weighs Harm From Wikileaks

Military prosecutors say Army Pvt. Bradley Manning downloaded troves of secret documents from a computer station in Baghdad and passed them to Wikileaks. If investigators recommend that Manning face court martial, it could land him in prison for the rest of his life. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports.

Five Big Moments In The Iraq War

With the Iraq war officially over and the pullout of U.S. forces nearly complete, host Scott Simon talks with Tom Ricks, author of The Best Defense blog, and Jon Lee Anderson from The New Yorker about the most influential turning points of the war.

The Truth Squad Reports On The GOP Debates

This week, the Republican candidates for president had what is likely their final debate encounter before the Iowa caucuses. Host Scott Simon talks with PolitiFact's Bill Adair to fact-check the competing claims and policy points of this election cycle.