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The Word From The RNC Floor

All eyes are on Mitt Romney as he formally accepts his party's nomination as the 2012 Republican presidential candidate. As GOP leaders and politicians convene for the final time in Tampa, Florida host Michel Martin meets two attendees on the floor of the convention.

Is Your Candidate Keeping The Faith?

As the Republican convention continues, the major political parties are defining their positions — and many are focused on faith. Host Michel Martin speaks with a diverse panel of religious leaders to weigh how they balance faith and politics.

Don't Forget All Politics Is Local, Mayor Says

Most of the focus at the Republican National Convention has been on politicians at the top of the ticket. But Mesa, Arizona Mayor Scott Smith is leading a delegation of mayors to Tampa for the RNC. He talks with host Michel Martin about some of the issues local leaders are hoping the national politicians don't forget.

Romney's Need To Please Tugs In Different Directions

Mitt Romney will formally accept the GOP nomination for president tonight. The trick for his acceptance speech will be finding applause lines that fire up the base, without turning off moderate and independent voters.

Teaching Reading In Clarksburg, W.Va.

Literacy Volunteers of Harrison County helps residents earn GEDs and develop skills to make them more employable.

To Save Change-Making Time, Chipotle Rounds Bill Up

A customer in New Jersey told The Star-Ledger the restaurant was rounding his bill to the nearest nickel — often collecting an extra cent. Restaurants in New York and Missouri did the same. Chipotle says it wants to avoid wasting time on change, and that it's been rounding bills down as well.