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How Do You Hold Mentally Ill Offenders Accountable?

Mental health and law enforcement officials in California are wrestling with that question as violence at the state's psychiatric hospitals continues to escalate. They are trying to determine how to hold violent mental patients accountable for their actions without punishing them for being sick.

Calls For More Reporting Of Suspected Child Abuse

The alleged child sex abuse charges at Penn State are prompting new federal and state legislation that could expand who is required to report suspected child abuse. But some doctors and child protection officials are skeptical.

A 'Happy Burden': Reflections On The Medal Of Honor

On the 150th anniversary of the nation's highest military honor, two recipients share their stories. While badly wounded and under heavy fire, recalls one Vietnam War veteran, "what goes through your mind is the understanding that if you don't do something ... then everything is lost."

Many Police Officers Are Sleep Deprived, Risky For Them And Us

A study of nearly 5,000 police officers in the U.S. and Canada finds 40 percent had sleep disorders. These sleepy cops had a greater likelihood of having sleep apnea, a disorder with big health implications. They were also much likelier to fall asleep while driving.

Marriage Economy: 'I Couldn't Afford To Get Divorced'

The nation's high unemployment rate is straining many marriages, a new survey finds. At the same time, many unhappy couples say they feel trapped, unable to afford a breakup. Experts say that's a dangerous combination that can increase the risk of domestic violence.

Some Jobless Saved By The Salvation Army Bell

Although in the past bell ringers were primarily volunteers, for many behind the kettle today, the temporary job has become a lifesaver. For first-time bell ringers Lynn and Rusty Smith, the minimum wage job is helping to keep them afloat during tough economic times.

Winter Weather Grounds Some Travelers

Winter weather is making travel difficult in parts of the county. The blizzard is making its way through the lower plains.