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After Scandal, New Rules For Juveniles In Pa. Courts

The racketeering conviction of a former juvenile court judge was a "huge black eye" on Luzerne County. To prevent another "kids for cash" scandal, the county has beefed up its juvenile defense team. But resources to keep the unit going are scarce, and one public defender says it seems like people forgot what happened.

Mormon Leaders Warn Followers To Stop Controversial Baptisms

Mormons around the world are getting this warning Sunday: Stop posthumous baptisms of "unauthorized groups, such as celebrities and Jewish Holocaust victims."

Deadly Storms 'Worst Case Scenario' In Indiana

Across the Midwest and South, residents are cleaning up from Friday's outbreak of late winter storms. 


The World Watches Syria: What Will It Do?

As the violence in Syria continues, the international community has been unable to do much more than condemn it. Host Scott Simon talks with Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about the mounting debate over intervention and the new humanitarian access to the country.

A Changing Season: A New Spring Training Ethos

Baseball's spring training used to be taken as a sign of spring, but it sounds more like ka-ching these days. Host Scott Simon speaks with Jim Bouton, author of Ball Four and former pitcher for the New York Yankees, about spring training past and present.

BP Settles With Oil Spill Victims

The oil giant reached a deal with plaintiffs Friday in a lawsuit over the 2010 Gulf oil spill. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Jeff Brady about the settlement, which has postponed the trial for a second time.

Where GOP Women Stand On The Political Race

As the candidates battle it out, there's a key fact worth remembering: Fifty-three percent of those who cast votes in the last presidential election were women. Host Scott Simon talks with political analyst Michelle Bernard for her take on what right-leaning women are looking for in a presidential candidate.

Bounties Uncovered: Paying For Pain In The NFL

A National Football League investigation revealed Friday that the New Orleans Saints had a "bounty" program to pay bonuses for putting game-ending hits on opposing players. Host Scott Simon reports the NFL has yet to announce any penalties.