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Investors Endure Another Disappointing Year

In 2011, savers earned almost no interest in savings accounts. That was painful because consumer prices were rising by nearly 3.5 percent. Investors also found it tough going. Most stocks declined, with prices falling by roughly 5 percent across the board. But there were some bright spots: gold and bonds.

Flagging In Polls, Gingrich Urges Voters To Reject Negative Campaigning

To combat attacks against him, Gingrich plans to hold daily teleconferences. He's also planning a 44-stop bus tour though Iowa after Christmas. And he says he won't launch any attack ads of his own.

11 Food Gifts We'd Like To See On The Doorstep

All I want for Christmas is some toffee and navel oranges. Dry-aged steaks wouldn't be bad, either. NPR's science desk denizens share the mail-order foods they'd be happy to see land on the doorstep this week, from traditional to outrageous.

Why Is Times Columnist Gail Collins So Obsessed With Mitt Romney's Dog?

New York Times columnist Gail Collins has already cited the dog in just shy of three dozen columns. She says such moments can reveal character — in this case, Romney's rigid emphasis on efficiency.

Brewer's Popular Chanukah Beer: 8 Malty Nights

During the holidays, beer manufacturers roll out seasonal brews. And now, in addition to Ebenezer Ale and Santa's Private Reserve, there's a relative newcomer for Chanukah: a chocolate rye porter from a micro-brewer in Portland, Oregon.

Immigration Effort Mistakenly Holds U.S. Citizens

A growing number of U.S. citizens have been mistakenly detained as part of the Secure Communities program. It's a federal effort to detect and deport illegal immigrants who've been arrested by local law enforcement. In Los Angeles recently, four native-born citizens — all Latino — have been held for days at a time.

AT&T Drops Its Pursuit Of Rival Carrier T-Mobile

Wireless giant AT&T reportedly spent $40 million in ads alone to convince legislators, regulators and subscribers that its proposed merger with T-Mobile would be good for consumers and would create jobs. But the Justice Department filed suit to block the merger and then, the Federal Communications Commission came out against the deal.

House Republicans Prolong Payroll Tax Cut Standoff

The House on Tuesday is scheduled to vote to send the fight over the payroll tax holiday to a conference committee. But Democrats say they won't appoint conferees. House Republicans object to the Senate measure, because it would extend the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits for just two months while a longer-term deal is worked out.

Gingrich Fights Back Against GOP Attack Ads

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is accusing his Republican opponents of what he says is reprehensible behavior — running attack ads in Iowa against the former House Speaker. Before a crowd of supporters in Hiawatha, Iowa, Gingrich stressed that the negative GOP attack ads are bad for the party and bad for voters.