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Giving Folks A Chance In Medford, Ore.

The Maslow Project teaches homeless children how to cope and become self-sufficient, using methods such as art therapy.

Tax Credit Scholarships Reignite Voucher Debate

Several states have embraced a new way to fund school choice: tax credits that pay for scholarships to private schools. The scholarships are popular with school choice advocates, but even some supporters say the program may be open to abuse.

Controversy At The National Scrabble Tournament

A player at the national Scrabble tournament was kicked out of the competition after he was caught cheating. For more, Audie Cornish speaks to sportswriter and Scrabble aficionado Stefan Fatsis.

Judge Won't Block Pa. Voter ID Law

A Pennsylvania judge has refused to issue a preliminary injunction against a new state law requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls. Opponents say the requirement would disenfranchise many voters, especially the elderly and the poor, who might not have the proper ID. Supporters say that the law is needed to protect against voting fraud, in a state that will be crucial in the upcoming election.

Immigrants Seek Answers On State College Tuition

The question many young immigrants have had since President Obama's Deferred Action policy was announced is whether their new status would allow them to pay in-state tuition at state universities. Audie Cornish speaks with Maria Sacchetti, immigration reporter for The Boston Globe, about how various states are handling tuition matters.

Hypersonic 'WaveRider' Failed

The experimental aircraft's controls failed before its "scramjet" engine could kick in, the Air Force says.

President Obama's Tour Bus Rolls With White House Home Brew

President Obama has shown he's a fan of beer, one of the most politically expedient drinks a candidate can endorse. But now the president has revealed that he travels with his own home-brew — and he even gave a man in Iowa a bottle to prove it.

Paterno 'Sobbed Uncontrollably' Day After Being Fired, Book Says

Dismissed because of evidence that he didn't do enough to alert authorities to a former assistant's abuse of young boys, Paterno knew he'd been ruined. "My name," he said, was "gone." Journalist Joe Posnanski's book goes on sale next week.