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Should Former Felons Have The Right To Vote?

More than 5.85 million Americans are not allowed to vote because they have committed felonies, according to a report from The Sentencing Project. While some states require complex processes for ex-felons to request restoration of voting rights, others permit felons to vote from prison.

Rethinking Free Tuition, College May Risk Reputation

After 110 years of free education, a college considers charging some students. Does it risk a backlash like one the Red Cross experienced during World War II?

AFSCME: Attacks On Public Sector Harm Middle Class

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, one of the country's largest unions, is facing a difficult climate. Local governments are slashing employee pensions and state governments are considering measures to curb collective bargaining rights. Host Michel Martin talks with Lee Saunders, AFSCME's new president.

Florida A&M President's Resignation To Be Effective Immediately

James Ammons announced last week that he would step down, but that he wouldn't depart until October. Now, the school's board of trustees has agreed to a quicker "transitioning out." FAMU has been rocked by hazing that led to one student's death.

Retail Sales Dip For Third Straight Month, But Are Still Up From Year Earlier

The news is among several recent indications that the economy is slowing. But, the pace is still better than a year ago.

90 Year Old Celebrates Birthday On A Roller Coaster

Thelma Gratsch spent her 90th birthday hurtling down a 230 feet high roller coaster at 80 miles an hour. She's had a season pass to Kings Island amusement park outside Cincinnati, Ohio, since 1979.

'Chain Reaction' Statue In Need Of Repair

The late Paul Conrad's 1991 work "Chain Reaction" is a mass of black chain link shaped into a mushroom cloud. It's in Santa Monica, Calif., where people either love or hate it. Now the end of the world has been delayed long enough for the statue to decay.