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FBI To Investigate Neighborhood Watch Killing

In Florida, a grand jury will now look into the killing of an unarmed black teenager. And, after weeks of calls for more investigation of the case, the U.S. Justice Department is also involved. Trayvon Martin was shot to death by a neighborhood watch captain late last month. The shooter, who is Latino, says he acted in self defense. But an attorney for Martin's family provided a different account on Tuesday, saying the teenager thought he was being stalked.

A History Of 'Stand Your Ground' Law In Florida

A recent case of a neighborhood watch volunteer shooting and killing an unarmed teenager in Florida has raised interest in that state's so-called "Stand Your Ground" law. Melissa Block speaks with David Ovalle of The Miami Herald about Florida's law and the other states that have adopted similar statutes.

Robert De Niro's Racial First-Lady Joke Was An Obama No-No

While DeNiro was clearly being mock ironic by recalling the kind of comments that many whites made about blacks within living memory, he ran afoul of the unwritten rule Obama and his tight knit team of advisers have operated under going back to his 2008 campaign. Anything that reinforces racial divisions or focuses attention on the president's race should be avoided.

Is Anesthesia A Luxury During Colonoscopy?

Anesthesia is being used more often for colonoscopies, even if people really don't need it. People in the Northeast are far more likely to be put to sleep, compared to the West Coast, where insurers are less likely to pay.

Medicaid And A Tale Of Two Miami Hospitals

Even as Florida leads the Supreme Court challenge against the federal health law, a private and a public hospital both prepare for an influx of new patients if the law's Medicaid expansion survives.

The Candidates On Tuesday: All Eyes On Illinois, But Campaigning Nationwide

As Illinois Republicans vote in their presidential primary, only one GOP candidate is expected to be in the state. Mitt Romney planned what he hopes to be a victory party Tuesday night in the Chicago suburbs.

Without Parole, Juveniles Face Bleak Life In Prison

For the first time, researchers have surveyed more than 1,600 young people serving life without the possibility of parole. The study found that many came from homes of violence and abuse. And for many young offenders, educational programs in jail are out of reach.