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Harvard Grad, Cello Player: The 'Other' Jeremy Lin

We hear from a non-basketball-playing Harvard grad named Jeremy Lin, who has to deal with the fact that a classmate with the same name is now an NBA star.

Buoyed By Greek Bailout, DOW Hits Milestone

The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the 13,000 mark for the first time in nearly four years on Tuesday. The market has been rallying on a spate of good news about the economy and the absence of anything really bad.

1-800-GET-THIN Campaign Under Fire

Surgeons and surgical centers associated with the weight loss ad campaign 1-800-GET-THIN are under fire. Five patients have died in Southern California after having a surgical weight loss device called the Lap-Band implanted. Congress has gotten involved and the manufacturer of the device says it will no longer sell it to the surgeons and eight centers that are the focus of multiple investigations.

Supreme Court Wades Into Affirmative Action Issue

By agreeing to hear a case on admissions at the University of Texas, the newly energized conservative majority on the high court signaled it may be willing to severely cut back on the use of racial preferences.

Even When Employed, Health Care A Challenge

A little more than a year ago, NPR launched the Road Back to Work series, following six people in St. Louis who started 2011 unemployed and were searching for work. Like so many Americans, the people we followed have had difficulty getting health coverage, even after returning to work.