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HIV Status Disclosure Laws Under Scrutiny

Failing to disclose positive HIV status to sexual partners is a crime in more than 30 states. In Iowa, it can carry a 25-year jail term. Advocates say the rules are discriminatory, and are urging state governments to reword laws that solely target HIV, but not other transmittable diseases.

Could Obesity Change The Brain?

Pigging out for even a day causes inflammation in the brains of lab rats, and scientists think this might help explain why it's so hard for people to lose weight. If eating too much inflames human brains, too, then scientists might be able to come up with new ideas for taming obesity.

For Grassroots Protests, Big Gains In 2011

All week, NPR is looking at people, events and ideas that fared well in 2011. Host Michel Martin explores how it was a good year for grassroots protests, both as part of the Arab Spring and the 'Occupy' movements. She speaks with NPR Cairo Correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Arun Venugopal, a reporter for member station WNYC.

Under Attack, Gingrich Struggles To Regain His Stride In Iowa

As he tried to overcome a wave of negative ads, Gingrich was forced to answer questions about two potentially damaging news stories on Tuesday — one about his previous support for Gov. Mitt Romney's health care plan and another about his first divorce.

Wavering In Iowa: Portraits Of Undecided Voters

As NPR takes to the road in Iowa this week, we are collecting the words and images of Iowa Republicans still uncertain who they will vote for in next Tuesday's state GOP presidential caucuses.

For Some Iowa Voters, Immigration Is Decisive Issue

Of course, the economy is the main issue for voters in Iowa's Jan. 3 caucuses. But as the state's Hispanic population surges, Republican candidates are struggling with how best to deal with voter concerns around illegal immigration.

In The Hunt For Votes, Romney Heads East To 2008 Iowa Stronghold

With more social conservatives in the race this time around, the Romney camp hopes the evangelical vote will splinter, propelling him to a top-two finish in Iowa.

Money Inside Safe Will Pay Deceased Woman's Bills

When Sally Daher died ten years ago, she left behind unpaid nursing home bills. She also left a shoe store she'd owned. In 2008, the store's new tenant got rid of a heavy old safe. A tow truck driver dumped the safe in an empty lot. Authorities found $178,000 inside, and now a judge has decided the money will pay Daher's debts.