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The Impossible Juggling Act: Motherhood And Work

Anne-Marie Slaughter left her position as the State Department's director of policy planning to spend more time with her children. Slaughter, now a Princeton professor, details what needs to change both in workplaces and in society to create equal opportunities for all working women.

Title IX Turns 40, But Has The Field Leveled?

Title IX was the landmark legislation that required most educational institutions to offer equal opportunities for girls and boys. It changed history and opened up the floodgates to basketball courts, soccer fields and classrooms to women all over the country. Host Michel Martin speaks with three experts about what more needs to be done.

Commerce Secretary Bryson Resigns; Suffered Seizure Earlier This Month

Just under two weeks after suffering a seizure that led to two car accidents within minutes of each other, John Bryson is stepping down.

Supreme Court Strikes Indecency Rules, Doesn't Address Free Speech Issue

By an 8-0 vote, the Supreme Court struck down Federal Communications Commission rules regarding indecency on broadcasts. But it issued a narrow decision about the vagueness and timing of the rules, not their First Amendment implications.

Bullied Bus Monitor Wants Apology, But Still Believes 'All Kids Aren't Bad'

The video will make you angry. Middle school students in Greece, N.Y., taunted Karen Klein so cruelly that she cried. The only good thing to come out of the incident: An online campaign has raised $140,000 — and counting — for the victim.

Jobless Claims Hold Steady; 387,000 Filed Last Week

They edged down by just 2,000 from the previous week.

Zimmerman's Account Of Fatal Encounter With Trayvon Made Public

Much of what is in the materials has been previously reported, but their release offers the most detailed looks so far into his claim that he acted in self defense. He writes that "in fear for my life," he shot the teenager.

Mercury Sets Met's Ticket Prices With Yankees

The New York Yankees play the Mets this weekend, and the Mets tried a promotion. Tickets that normally go for well over $100 would instead be sold at a price tied to Wednesday's temperature. Heat advisories were out as the temperature climbed to 94 degrees.

UPDATE: No Health Care Ruling From Supreme Court Today

The justices have yet to issue their ruling on whether the 2010 health care overhaul is constitutional.