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Let's Catch Up: London Abuzz Over Women's Soccer; Alternate Medal Count

Only five days remain in the Summer Games, and China leads the United States in the medal count, with a total of 73 (34 gold) to America's 71 (30 gold). But what if you counted medals in a different way? Also, the USA-Japan rematch draws huge fan interest in the women's soccer final.

School Lunch Milk Cartons Take A Hit In New Ad Campaign

One group's mission to abolish dairy from school lunches may take broccoli battles national, as they blame milk and cheese for bloating students' caloric consumption and their waistlines.

Nudist Convention Meets In Sunshine State

Tampa will host the Republican National Convention. That's a big honor, but nothing compared to this week's convention in a Tampa suburb. It's the American Association of Nude Recreation Convention.

A Fantastic Camp In Front Royal, Va.

Camp Fantastic allows kids who are too sick to attend traditional camp — such as those living with active cancer — to get the summer camping experience.

Chevron Fire May Lead To Higher Calif. Gas Prices

A fire at a Chevron oil refinery near San Francisco will likely push up gasoline prices in California. The state has strict environmental rules that require a special blend of gas for motorists, so it's not as simple as merely importing gas from other states.

Sikh Resident Experienced 'No Hatred' In Milwaukee

Steve Inskeep talks to Dr. Swaranjit Arora, a long-time member of the Sikh community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He discusses how things have changed in the community since he arrived in 1972.

Oak Creek Residents Hold Vigil For Shooting Victims

Tuesday night in Oak Creek, Wis., hundreds of residents attended the annual Night Out gathering. The national event promotes community and police partnerships. But this year's event in Oak Creek was more poignant than usual. Residents gathered to remember those killed Sunday in a shooting at a Sihk temple.