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Military Tuition Assistance Rules May Limit Options

In January, colleges and universities will have to sign a special memorandum before they can receive tuition assistance for active members of the military who enroll in their programs. But some schools have declined to sign the memo because of its requirements. Military advocates have asked Defense Department officials to put the new rules on hold.

Probe Finds Arizona Sheriff Violated Civil Rights

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a national reputation for being tough on crime, but the results of a new federal investigation show that Arpaio and his deputies are the ones who have been breaking law by engaging in racial profiling, among other things.

When The Formerly Rich Need Help Buying Food

Presidential candidates have been sounding off about millionaires on food stamps, but the reality is harsher. Even in high-income zip codes, the formerly well off are having to turn to food stamps to put food on the table. That's according to two new surveys of food insecurity and income.

Ornithologist Discusses Causes Of Bird Downings

Melissa Block speaks with Kevin McGowen, ornithologist at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, about the phenomenon of bird downings. Approximately 1,500 migratory birds died on Monday night after crashing into a Wal-Mart parking lot in Utah.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls To Debate In Iowa

The Republican presidential candidates meet for their final debate of the pre-primary season Thursday. Lynn Neary turns to NPR's Mara Liasson for more.

As Holidays Near, Congressional Standoff Continues

The Republican House and Democratic Senate pushed their game of chicken closer to the precipice Thursday, with a government shutdown threat looming at midnight Friday. Both maneuvered to be able to blame the other — should things fall apart and the government actually runs out of money to operate. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Lynn Neary with the latest.