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Welfare Overhaul's Impact On America's Poorest

New York Times reporter Jason DeParle recently traveled to Arizona, where many people have been dropped from the welfare program. Republican leaders now want to apply the changes made to the welfare program to other aspects of the social safety net, such as Medicaid and food stamps.

What Does 2nd Degree Murder Mean?

George Zimmerman has been arrested for the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. Now the focus shifts to the trial ahead. Guest host Viviana Hurtado speaks with former prosecutor Paul Butler about what Zimmerman's second degree murder charge means, and what potential pitfalls could face attorneys on both sides.

Post Zimmerman Charge, Florida Rep. Calls For Calm

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson promised to give a speech every day that the House of Representatives was in session until Trayvon Martin's killer was arrested. Now that George Zimmerman is facing murder charges, guest host Viviana Hurtado speaks with Representative Wilson about how her South Florida community can move forward.

Sue Me? Not A Chance This Year

Most states have slashed budgets for their court systems. The result is a much longer wait for everything from fighting traffic tickets to resolving custody disputes.

Trayvon's Mother Wants Justice, But Also Believes Death 'Was An Accident'

Sybrina Fulton wants to hear George Zimmerman apologize and wants him brought to justice, but also believes her son died because the incident "just got out of control and [Zimmerman] couldn't turn the clock back."

Where Does America Get Oil? You May Be Surprised

America is still dependent on foreign oil, but the sources are changing. Think Canada, Latin America and Africa. The Middle East is well down the list. What does this mean for America's foreign policy?

Prosecution's Choice Of Charge Complicates Case Against Zimmerman

By accusing him of second-degree murder, rather than manslaughter, the prosecution has a higher burden of proof. Some attorneys believe a judge may decide the charge is too severe.