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How A City Goes Broke

Harrisburg, Pa, spent more than $300 million on a garbage incinerator. Now it has more debt per capita than any other U.S. city.

How The Health Law Could Survive Without A Mandate

Among the questions the Supreme Court is considering about the 2010 health care law is whether requiring most Americans to have health insurance is constitutional. Some health policy analysts say the rest of the law could survive without what most consider its key provision.

Two Lost Souls Find Each Other In A Hospital

Winslow Jackson and Dorothy Biebrich were two divorced singles struggling to deal with multiple sclerosis when they met in 2006. Six years later, the two hope they are good examples of how to live life. Now, if one of their scooters goes down, the other one can pull or push to help.


Top Executives Quit Komen After Planned Parenthood Controversy

At least five top officials quit the Dallas-based organization after it took a decision — since reversed — to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. And there have been calls for the group's founder and chief executive to resign.


Obama Returns To Oklahoma Talking Oil

President Obama visited Oklahoma for the first time since taking office and announced an executive order to speed up review of a U.S.-only portion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. His announcement came as Republicans criticized his administration over rising gas prices.


Canadian Asked For Death, But Now Wants Life

The only Canadian on death row in the United States is making one last ditch effort to avoid execution. Capitol punishment is illegal in Canada and the Canadian government formally supports the clemency request, but the final word is up to the governor, a vocal supporter of the death penalty.


Racial Tension Runs Through Sanford's Roots

The historic wrongs against the local black community go back a long way in the Florida city. The memory of those events is still fresh, and they are getting another airing in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, which protesters have called racially motivated.