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Sandusky Trial Opens Near Penn State

The child sex-abuse trial of Jerry Sandusky opens Monday in Bellefonte, Pa. — just a few miles from Penn State University, where Sandusky was a longtime assistant football coach. Many of the jurors in the case have ties to Penn State. But legal experts say it's not clear how that will affect the trial.

Fundraising By Text Message

The presidential campaigns have been raising money over the Internet for years. Now, under a new Federal Election Commission rule, they can accept donations right from cellphones.

'Bill W.' Day Celebrates Alcoholics Anonymous Hero

Bill Wilson's simple grave in Vermont makes no mention of his work — co-founding Alcoholics Anonymous. But that doesn't stop people from visiting it, especially on the first Sunday in June. There, they celebrate Wilson, and his role in helping them change their lives.

Future Of Health Care Law Hangs In Balance

The Supreme Court may issue a ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act as early as Monday. Guy Raz talks to NPR Health Policy Correspondent Julie Rovner about what will happen next if the court rules against the law. In Oregon, Rocky King, the state's health insurance exchange director, says the imminent decision keeps him up at night and historian Jeff Shesol explains why there hasn't been a ruling this important since the 1930s.

What To Expect In The Sandusky Trial

NPR's Jeff Brady talks with Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin about last week's jury selection process and what to expect from Monday's opening arguments in the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach.

New Farm Bill Has Its Share Of Complications

A farm bill that restructures crop insurance subsidies came to the Senate floor last week, which is where it will remain for at least two more. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin to explain the complexities of the new bill.