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For Some, Three Kings Day Is Bigger Than Christmas

Three Kings Day is when the three wise men are believed to have visited the baby Jesus. Many cultures, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, are celebrating on Friday. Festivities are also going strong in East Harlem, Miami, Los Angeles, even Disneyland. Host Michel Martin speaks with Gonzalo Casals, who organizes a parade in East Harlem.

Taking New Hampshire's Temperature, On A Frozen Lake

Fishermen on a frozen lake provided us with an unfiltered Granite State take on the current crop of Republican contenders.

What's In That Food? The SuperTracker Knows

Tracking what you eat and how much you exercise seems to work when it comes to weight loss, and the USDA's new SuperTracker wants to help. The new online interactive tool taps into the government's nutritional database. The database, though, doesn't include some popular foods like Pop-Tarts.

Can Construction Help Build The Recovery?

Of all the good news in the December unemployment report, perhaps the most encouraging sign for the 2012 labor market was the increase in construction jobs. That sector has lost more than 2 million jobs as the housing market imploded, but increases in construction could be a cautious sign of a turnaround, analysts say.

The Death Of The Tangible Is Nigh! (Or Is It?) Share Your Photos Taken On Film

If camera stores are closing — and Kodak may be next — where does that leave photographers?

Under Media Glare, Santorum's Record Draws Closer Look

After GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum triumphed in the Iowa caucuses this week, his stand against birth control and his links to the lobbying industry are coming under scrutiny.

Ceremonies To Commemorate Tuscon Shooting

In Tucson, Ariz., this weekend, ceremonies will mark the shooting incident one year ago that killed six people and wounded 13 others. Among the wounded was Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who will be in town for the events.

Retiring Detective To Help Mentor Kids

In Pennsylvania, Oscar Vance has been chief detective in the Montgomery County District Attorney's office for 48 years. He will be retiring at the end of the month. But he says he will work as a private investigator, and start mentoring programs to help kids stay away from crime.