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Subway Is Closed, But New Yorkers Are Moving Again

In New York City, early estimates for fixing the damage to the mass transit system are already in the billions. But New Yorkers used to zipping around the city in subways are thrilled to get even limited bus service back after the devastating storm.

Millions Affected By Sandy-Related Power Outages

From Virginia to Michigan, utility crews are scrambling to restore power after Superstorm Sandy caused record outages. More than 8 million customers lost power. Renee Montagne speaks with NPR's Elizabeth Shogren for an update on the outages.

N.J. Residents Recount Experiences During Storm

Superstorm Sandy devastated much of New Jersey, with massive power outages, crippled mass transit routes, and an astonishing tidal surge. NPR's David Folkenflik spent time Tuesday with people from two small New Jersey towns covered — for a few hours — by seemingly biblical waters.

Southern N.J. Residents Tally The Damage

In southern New Jersey, some residents on the barrier islands are cleaning up after Sandy.

The Night A Computer Predicted The Next President

Sixty years ago, computers were used for the first time to predict the outcome of a presidential race. CBS used the UNIVAC, one of the first commercial computers, on loan. The prediction was spot on, but a decade passed before the computer's potential was finally realized on election night.

Can Drug-Sniffing Dog Prompt Home Search?

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that centers on whether police legally searched a home after a dog detected marijuana inside and a judge issued a search warrant. Florida's highest court said the search violated the Fourth Amendment.

Shift In Mormon Age Policy Widens Women's Options

The Mormon Church announced earlier this month that young women can begin their mission trips when they're 19 — two years earlier than the previous policy allowed. The shift is also a seismic change in philosophy — and sends the signal that young women have more options in planning their futures.