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Power Outage From Sandy One Of Biggest Ever In U.S.

Sandy left 7 million customers without power across the East Coast, leaving many wondering what it will take to get the lights back on.

Insurance Companies Already Feeling Sandy's Effects

Audie Cornish talks to Ben Berkowitz, deputy companies editor for Reuters, about changes in hurricane and flood insurance. He says companies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been recalculating how to insure homeowners due to climate change.

Oregon State's New Cheese Plant Aims To Break The Rind

Lots of big state colleges have popular campus creameries, and many focus on ice cream because it sells. But with its new cheese plant, Oregon State University hopes to produce some fancy sought-after cheeses to go with the state's famous Pinot Noirs.

As Sandy's Snow Buries W.Va. Town, 'Everybody Just Pitches In'

The power is out for 20 percent of the people in West Virginia, but in Fayetteville, which overlooks the New River Gorge, residents are taking the early snows in stride.

'Seattle Times' Under Fire For Free Political Ads

Staffers at The Seattle Times are protesting the newspaper's decision to run free political ads for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna and for the state's referendum that would legalize same-sex marriage. The company says the ads are part of a pilot project to prove that political advertising in newspapers can work. But journalists at the paper say giving away the space diminishes their journalistic integrity.

Keeping Sandy's Economic Impact In Perspective

As the massive cleanup begins, business owners, workers and investors are wondering what impact the megastorm ultimately will have on their wallets. Did Sandy weigh down economic activity enough to drown the recovery? Or will the rebuilding efforts boost growth over the longer term?

Superstorm Shines A Light On Power Grid Vulnerabilities

Sandy, which knocked out power to some 8 million people in 18 states, painted a bull's-eye on the oldest and most fragile part of the nation's power grid. Engineering experts say the grid is inherently vulnerable even as damaging weather events seem to be occurring more frequently.

Captain's Judgment Questioned After Sinking Of Tall Ship

A replica of the 18th century of mutiny fame went down off Cape Hatteras during Hurricane Sandy. The captain apparently thought he could outmaneuver the massive storm.