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Paragliding 101: Great-Great-Granny Soars To Record

On Tuesday, Mary Hardison was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest female to paraglide tandem. The 101-year-old great-great grandmother broke the record last September for her birthday.

Aspirin Might Reduce Cancer Risk, But It Has Risks, Too

A review of hundreds of studies found that people who take aspirin daily lowered their risk of several cancers, but the jury's still out. And daily aspirin use also has major drawbacks — including the risk of serious internal bleeding — that may outweigh the benefits.

Wisconsin City Wonders: What Keeps Going Boom?

For three days, people in Clintonville have been reporting loud sounds that shake the ground and homes. There haven't been any earthquakes. It's not the gas lines or pipes. One theory: warm temperatures have lead to ice cracking beneath the ground.

Why Obama Hasn't Won The Battle Over Messaging About Health Care Law

As the nation's sweeping health care overhaul heads to the Supreme Court, public opinion about the policies remains almost as divided as it was when President Obama signed it into law two years ago.

Florida Teen's Killing: A Parent's Greatest Fear

Trayvon Martin's killing has had an especially chilling effect on black parents who gird their sons with rules designed to protect them from trouble, lest they be viewed with suspicion because of their skin color.

How Race Shapes National Health Debate

A new study explores how some of the popular attitudes about President Obama's health care overhaul law are being shaped by race. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR's Shankar Vedantam to find out more about the study.