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Superstorm's Toll Could Reach $20 Billion

Early projections estimate economic losses from the storm could reach up to $20 billion, according to one insurance industry firm's analysis. This takes into account the shutting down of New York's financial district, major oil refineries in New Jersey, and thousands of stores and businesses across the Eastern Seaboard.

Bakery Opens For Business In Atlantic City

Renee Montagne talks to Frank Formica, owner of Formica Brothers Bakery and Cafe, in Atlantic City, N.J., about his experience during Hurricane Sandy.

Doctored Images Spread With Arrival Of Sandy

The arrival of Hurricane Sandy was unprecedented, but not quite as unprecedented as it seemed on the Internet. Countless doctored images spread more swiftly than the storm.

1,000-Pound Pumpkin Takes California Contest

In California, John Sach grew a pumpkin weighing just under 1,000 pounds. He calls it "Sally," and it won Orange County's annual Pumpkinmania contest. Sach's pumpkin outgrew the runner-up, "Gourdita," which was downright skinny at 795 pounds.

An Update On Conditions In New York After Sandy

Steve Inskeep speaks with NPR's Robert Smith in New York about conditions in the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.