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National Zoo Names Cheetah Cubs After U.S. Sprinters

Presumably, it was the cheetahs' fabled speed, not cuteness, that inspired officials at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., to name them Carmelita and Justin, after sprinters Carmelita Jeter and Justin Gatlin.


Gold Medal In Hand, U.S. Vaulter Suhr's 'Hangar Time' Seems Well Spent

U.S. pole vaulter Jenn Suhr reached a long-awaited breakthrough Monday, when she won the gold medal in her event at the London Olympics. She defeated a field that included two-time gold medalist Elena Isinbaeva of Russia. As NPR reported back in April, Suhr trains in a unique setting: an airplane hangar next to her house.

Dozens Sickened By Fumes From Refinery Fire Near San Francisco

The fire, which started Monday evening, has now been contained. It spewed a huge plume of thick black smoke. Residents were advised to stay indoors. At least three dozen sought help at hospitals.

Psychiatrist Contacted Police About Colo. Shooting Suspect, Media Report

She had been treating James Holmes and became concerned enough to contact University of Colorado police, sources tell the news outlets. But it does not appear that the psychiatrist took additional steps that would have led to him being detained.

Reports: Man ID'd As Wisconsin Killer Had Previously Been On FBI's Radar

Officials tell NPR and the Los Angeles Times that investigators had looked into whether Wade Michael Page was helping fund domestic terrorist groups. But they concluded that they didn't have enough evidence to open a case against him.

Rocket Scientist With Mohawk Is Web Sensation

While NASA put a rover on Mars, audiences were riveted by the high-stakes landing, and also by some high hair. Bobak Ferdowsi was on the mission control team when suddenly his haircut made him famous. "Mohawk Guy" has become an Internet star.

Fire Alarms Blairs For Hours In Pa. Apartment

A fire alarm went off inside an apartment building in Wilkinsburg, Pa. The switch to shut off the alarm was in a locked room, and the the housing authority did not have the key. The same room contains access to an ATM.

Service Is A Stretch In Columbia, S.C.

Yoga instructor Dara Brown trains students at Columbia College and together they go out and try to help middle-school girls deal with the stresses of every day life.