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Finding New Tricks To Get More Satisfaction Out Of Low-Fat Foods

While both thickness and creaminess sensations contribute to our eating satisfaction, thick foods keep us from feeling hungry longer, researchers say. That could help scientists in their continued quest to develop low-calorie foods that are more satisfying in the long run.

In Sandy's Wake, Romney Struggles To Regain Attention

A hurricane is no time for campaigning. That naturally gives an advantage to the incumbent, whose job is leading the cleanup and recovery efforts. The media will eventually turn its gaze back to the campaign, but there isn't much time left.

Superstorm Sandy Disrupts Life For Weeks To Come

The remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to push north toward Canada, leaving behind flooding and destruction. Millions of people remain without electricity across more than 15 states, thousands are in shelters and it may be days before power and public transportation systems are restored.

Sandy Shuts Down New York And New Jersey Subways, Trains And Tunnels

The world's most extensive subway system, commuter tunnels and above-ground track have all been submerged by Superstorm Sandy. It may take days or weeks to repair it all.

Behind A Halloween Mask, Even 'Good' Kids Can Turn Into Candy Thieves

Results of a 1976 experiment involving masked trick-or-treaters still hold true today: We're more likely to do bad things — like stealing candy — when we're anonymous. And that tells researchers about the ways adults break the rules, too.

In Ohio, Teachers Run For Statehouse — And Could Give Obama A Boost

A dozen teachers, all of them Democrats, are running for seats in Ohio's House and Senate. The surge is a byproduct of last year's voter referendum repealing a state law that would have curbed public employees' collective bargaining rights. Another byproduct is reusing teacher phone banks from that effort to support President Obama.

Is Racial Prejudice On The Rise?

A recent Associated Press poll suggests that racial prejudice against African-Americans and Hispanics has increased since 2008. Host Michel Martin and NPR Science Correspondent Shankar Vedantam take a closer look at the numbers and what's behind them.