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White House: 'Ways To Resolve' Contraception Issue

GOP candidate Mitt Romney has joined those criticizing President Obama over a policy that would require most employers, including Catholic hospitals and universities, to include birth control in their employees' health insurance. The White House now says it will work to "allay" concerns.

Calif. Decision Puts Marriage Politics In Spotlight

Tuesday's ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional could propel the issue of same-sex marriage to the U.S. Supreme Court. It could also make the composition of the high court into a potent election issue.

'Shake-And-Bake' Meth Causes Uptick In Burn Victims

With easy access to ingredients and a simplified brewing process, more and more methamphetamine addicts are making the drug themselves — and many of them are turning up in hospital burn units from meth-related accidents.

In South Carolina, Dead-Voter Fraud Doesn't Quite Live Up To Fears

What initially looked to some like widespread voter fraud in South Carolina will likely turn out to be much more benign. A state official said that out of the first six names checked, five involved clerical or poll worker errors, such as someone marking the wrong voter's name in the poll book. The sixth case involved a man who had sent in an absentee ballot, and then died.

Rotavirus Vaccine Doesn't Boost Risk Of Intestinal Problem

Unlike an older vaccine, the newer rotavirus vaccine doesn't appear to increase the risk of a dangerous intestinal side effect, according to a large new study. The vaccine has been responsible for a substantial reduction in deaths from rotavirus worldwide.

Detroit To Parents: Time To Get Involved In Education

The city's school system is trying to get parents more engaged with their children's education in an effort to boost achievement and stop an exodus of families from the district.

Romney Campaign Preemptively Downplays MN, CO And MO Contests

Romney's campaign made available to the world a memo by political director Rich Beeson in which the aide rehearsed all the reasons why nothing that will happen Tuesday evening, indeed in the rest of February or March will stop his boss' inevitable March to the glittering prize of the nomination.