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Korean Families Chase Their Dreams In The U.S.

A public school in Los Angeles has become a magnet for Korean families who want their kids to learn English while escaping the intense rigor of the Korean school system. In the U.S., they move from school district to school district, cherry-picking the best schools as their kids rise through the grades.

With Only $150K In Cash, Calif. City Goes Bankrupt

The city of San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles, has become the latest California city to declare bankruptcy.

House Repeals Affordable Care Act In Symbolic Vote

The GOP-controlled House voted to repeal President Obama's health care law. It's a largely symbolic gesture as the Democratic Senate will not agree to a repeal.

Single Mothers And The Cycle Of Poverty

Robert Siegel speaks with Olivia Golden, fellow at the Urban Institute, about why there has been an increase of single mothers who are in poverty.

Firefighters Prevail In Fight for Health Insurance

President Obama has told federal agencies to start offering seasonal firefighters the same health benefits year-round federal employees get. The order came as legislation to make the change was introduced in Congress.

What Happens When A City Declares Bankruptcy

San Bernardino, California is seeking bankruptcy protection. Officials said the government can not cover its bills and faces a $46 million deficit. Phil Batchelor, former interim city manager for Vallejo, California, talks about what happens to workers and services when a city goes bankrupt.