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Evangelicals Still Cool On Romney, Exit Poll Analysis Shows

Evangelical voters remain divided on their support of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum receives strong support in some states from evangelicals, while losing a large number of nonevangelical voters.

Romney Says He Opposes Contraceptive Bill, But His Campaign Says Otherwise

The so-called Blunt bill would would allow employers to decline to provide contraception coverage to women. The candidate initially said, "I'm not for the bill," but a campaign spokewoman said he actually supports it.

Fannie, Freddie Won't Write Down Mortgage Principal

The nation's five largest mortgage lenders recently pledged to start writing down the principal on mortgages that are underwater. But mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aren't part of the agreement and don't plan any big changes in the way they do loan modifications.

Delegate Process Could Make Race A Long(er) Haul

Nearly two months into the GOP primary season, presumed front-runner Mitt Romney hasn't driven away his opponents. Will the GOP presidential nominee be decided before this summer's convention?

Severe Storms Leave Nine Dead In Midwest

Several people are dead in southern Illinois and Missouri after storms swept through the area. Kansas was also hit hard.