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Update: Senate Joins House In Passing Sandy Aid Bill

A second, larger chunk of aid for those devastated in the late October storm will be voted on later this month. There has been bipartisan outrage this week that the House had not acted sooner.


FDA Releases Rules To Strengthen Safety Of Food Supply

Two years after a food safety bill became law, the FDA issues a rule to prevent foodborne illness in produce and one to require food manufacturers to have plans in place to prevent contamination. Foodborne illness sickens about 48 million Americans each year.

Secretary Clinton Now Expected Back In Her Office Next Week

The former first lady hasn't been at her desk since early last month. She's suffered from a stomach virus, a concussion and has been treated for a blood clot discovered behind her right ear.

Goodbye Casual Fridays, Hello Formal Fridays

First people wore suits and ties, dresses or skirts to work. Later came casual Fridays. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports some companies have instituted formal dress wear for Fridays.

A Lot Of Drivers Are Asleep At The Wheel

A survey finds one out of every 24 adults admits to falling asleep at the wheel. Health officials say the true number is higher. Some people don't realize when they drop off for a second or two.

2012 Was A Very Good Year For The Car Industry

Last year was the third straight year of double-digit growth for the auto industry. Chrysler had the biggest increase for an American company with a 21 percent increase over the previous year.

California Law Addresses Social Media Privacy

California has a new law in affect this year that bars employers from forcing employees to hand over their social media passwords. Some companies have been asking for these passwords to keep tabs on employees.

Countdown To Super Bowl: Playoffs Set To Begin

David Greene talks to Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Theisman about the upcoming NFL playoffs in what has been a spectacular year for quarterbacks. Theisman was a Super Bowl champion with the Washington Redskins.