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Obama Campaign Releases 1st-Term Movie Trailer As It Hopes For Sequel

The Obama campaign released the trailer for a 17-minute documentary called "The Road We've Traveled." It's obvious aim is to do something the Obama White House and campaign frequently do, that is, to remind voters of just how perilous a state the U.S. economy and financial markets were in when the president assumed office in January 2009.

Reverend Camps On Roof In Protest

A Chicago minister went to new heights to bring attention to violence in his neighborhood. Reverend Corey Brooks moved onto the roof of an abandoned building that he said was a haven for crime. He vowed to stay until he raised enough money to tear it down. Reverend Brooks speaks to host Michel Martin about how he met that goal.

Senator Blumenthal Pushes President On Iran

The Associated Press reports that International Atomic Energy Agency officials are concerned that Iran may be trying to cover up evidence related to nuclear weapons. That could fuel the debate over U.S. options for addressing Iran. Host Michel Martin talks with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who is on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The Secret To Glowing (Yellow) Skin? Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

Eating lots of fruits and veggies gives skin a slightly yellow hue. And that's considered more healthy and attractive looking, according to a new study.

California Teacher Moonlights As Porn Star

School officials dismissed the claim after they found no evidence online. Only later did they realize that the school's Internet filtering software was blocking access to what everybody else could see.

Indiana Legislature Votes On Official State Gun

Lawmakers in Indiana's legislature have voted to become the third state with an official gun — joining Arizona and Utah. The Grouseland rifle was made in the 1800s by John Small.