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It's All Politics, July 26, 2012

Mitt Romney figures, why just create gaffes in the United States when I can do the same in Europe? But before he leaves he socks it to the president at the VFW. Also, a look ahead to Tuesday's Republican Senate runoff in Texas.

Hubig Pies, Landmark New Orleans Bakery, Has Burned Down

Hubig Pies has been producing hand-size, fried fruit pastries for hungry folks in and around New Orleans since 1922. The building is "a total loss" after a blaze today.

Place All Metal Objects In The Tray, Please... Oh, Hi Kobe!

We ran into USA Men's basketball at the security sweep today. Yes, even bigtime basketball players and coaches must suffer the indignity of the magnetometer. But the star power did overcome one protocol, against photography in the scanning area.

Stories Of The Colorado Victims: Young Artist Was 'Ball Of Joy'

"AJ" Boik will be remembered at a funeral today. Friends and family say the aspiring artist was never sad and always willing to help. Yousef Garbi, who survived, was shot in the head after first pushing a friend to safety.

Let's Catch Up: Lighting The Olympic Cauldron, And Angry Fans

Today's lone public Olympic event is the Opening Ceremony, which begins at 4 p.m. EDT. Bettors say the secret "cauldron lighter" will be runner Roger Bannister. And the U.S. swim team has made its own video for the Carly Rae Jespen song "Call Me Maybe."

Derecho, The Sequel: Storm Roars Over Pennsylvania And New York

It didn't leave behind as much destruction or as many downed power lines as the storm that rolled over states from the Midwest through the Mid-Atlantic on June 30, but some news outlets are saying the summer's second derecho struck on Thursday.

Swearing At Work Can Hold You Back, Survey Says

A new survey by Harris Interactive shows 64 percent of bosses would think less of an employee who repeatedly swears, and 57 percent would be less likely to promote a constant curser. Among big cities in the U.S., workers in Washington, D.C., are most likely to swear on the job, followed by Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles.