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Chicago Killings Spark Outrage

Murders in Chicago are on the rise, and residents there are demanding answers. Guest host Maria Hinojosa speaks with WBEZ's criminal justice and legal affairs reporter Robert Wildeboer about what's being done to end the bloodshed in the Windy City.

Who Pays When Teens Are Out Of Work?

Most American adults are enjoying higher family incomes than their parents did, but that may be temporary. Reports show that teenagers across the country are having a hard time finding a summer job, and the long-term consequences for American society could be severe. Guest host Maria Hinojosa talks with NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax about the drought in summer employment for teens.

'Unconstitutional' Miss. Abortion Law Has To Go

In the second part of a conversation about the new Mississippi abortion law regulating abortion clinics, guest host Maria Hinojosa talks with Nancy Northup, the president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights. The organization is representing Mississippi's only abortion clinic, which could be shut down if a judge lifts a temporary injunction blocking the law.

Miss. Rep: Abortion Clinic Regulation Protects Women

A U.S. District Court will hear arguments Wednesday about a controversial law that could close Mississippi's only abortion clinic. Opponents say the law is aimed at closing the clinic and limiting access to abortions in the state. But the law's author, Mississippi State Representative Sam Mims, tells guest host Maria Hinojosa that it's all about protecting women's health and safety.

Scranton Workers See Pay Slashed To Minimum Wage

Amid a budget dispute, the mayor slashed pay for city employees, and has so far ignored a court order to restore it.

Wildfire In Southern Idaho Is Growing Quickly

Firefighters have been able to make progress against blazes in other Western states. But the Kinyon Road Fire in Idaho has doubled in size since Sunday.

Elaborate Deer Stands Draw Complaints In Minnesota

Deer stands are those small platforms hunters set up in trees to get a better view. In some deer hunting areas in Minnesota, they've grown into veritable tree houses with stairs, shingled roofs, windows, heaters and lounge chairs.

NAACP Issues HIV-Aids Manual For Black Churches

African-Americans suffer some of the highest rates of HIV and Aids in the country. The NAACP says it's time for one of the most important institutions in the African-American community, the black church, to help combat those numbers. The NAACP has released a manual especially designed for clergy to assist in discussions about HIV-AIDS as a social justice issue with their parishioners.