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Breaking Ground In College Journalism

Two students have become the first black editors-in-chief of their college newspapers in Oregon, which has a black population of less than 2 percent. Host Michel Martin talks with Brandon Southward of Oregon State University and Tyree Harris of the University of Oregon.

The Story Of

The story of Essam Ahmed Eid is a cautionary tale of one man's drive to put more money in his pocket by taking advantage of other people's problems.

How To Adjust Your Privacy Settings, Before Google's Big Shift

Not everyone who relies on Google's products is concerned about pending privacy changes. Some don't care; others don't know the change is looming. But for those who are concerned, the idea that Feb. 29 is their last chance to change these settings seems to have lit the fire of urgency.

Teens Fare Worst After Concussions

Teenagers had more problems with thinking after concussion than children or adults, according to a new study. They had problems with working memory six months to a year after being injured.

Feds Seek Tough Message In Mine Disaster Sentence

Prosecutors want the 60-year-old former Massey Energy security chief to serve 25 years in jail. His defense teams says that would amount to a de facto life sentence.

Ketcham Could Be First Female A&M Yell Leader

For more than 100 years, Texas A&M's version of cheerleaders have been men. Samantha Ketcham wants to change that. She has received enough votes to qualify for a runoff this week.

Tow Truck Fishes Dozens Of Cars Out Of Wis. Lake

At this year's fishing contest on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin, they weren't just fishing for sturgeon. People arriving to fish parked their cars too closely, and the ice gave way. No one was hurt but three dozen vehicles were pulled out of the lake.