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Helicopter Parents Hover In The Workplace

So-called helicopter parents have hit the workplace, phoning employers to advocate on behalf of their adult children. Human resource managers say more parents are trying to negotiate salary and benefits and are even sitting in on job interviews.

Ending Violence Sparked By Baby's Cry

About 300 babies die each year after being hospitalized for serious injuries, according to a new report. Researchers are testing ways to help parents cope with the anger and frustration that can be triggered by a crying baby.

Super Bowl's Political Ads Stir Emotions Amid Beer, Chips And Car Ads

Clint Eastwood's ad made a more emotionally gripping argument for saving the auto industry than perhaps anything President Obama has said on the subject to date.

Indiana's Top Election Official Convicted of Voter Fraud

Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was accused of lying about his home address on voter registration forms in order to continue receiving a stipend for serving on his town's council.

Seeking Revenge In 'Underworld Of Vanished Bikes'

More than 200,000 bikes were reported stolen in 2010, according to FBI statistics. By some estimates, more than one million bike thefts go unreported annually. When thieves stole writer Patrick Symmes' bike in 2006, he set out to catch a thief in what he calls "the dangerous underworld of vanishing bikes."

'Prop 8' Ruling Expected Tuesday; California Measure Banned Gay Marriage

The ban was struck down as unconstitutional more than a year ago. Whichever way the appeals court rules, the case is likely to go to the Supreme Court for the final decision.