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The Baffling, Befuddling Primary Season

As the nomination process moves forward and the field of Republican candidates gets smaller and smaller, it is harder and harder to know just who is in the lead.

Was The Stimulus Package 'Money Well Spent'?

Did the economic stimulus program amount to a costly failure, or save the U.S. from a depression? ProPublica investigative reporter Michael Grabell's new book explains how the 2009 stimulus package was passed and what happened to taxpayers' money.

American Parents, Chinese Kids Kick Off New Year

People around the world are celebrating Chinese New Year. But for American families with adopted Chinese children the holiday can be a chance to learn about Chinese culture. Host Michel Martin speaks with David Youtz, father of four adopted Chinese daughters, and his oldest daughter Sophie.

The (Un)usual Suspect: Why Organic Spices Aren't Always Safe

Salmonella contamination in organic celery seed caused headaches — and an FDA recall — for one entrepreneur. Her tale is a reminder that organic certification doesn't measure food safety; it's only about how a food was grown.

Could The Crowd At The Final GOP Debate Make The Difference In Florida Vote?

At Thursday night's debate in Florida, the audience will be allowed to applaud, cheer or boo. That could give former House Speaker Newt Gingrich an edge.

Standard Military Eyeglasses Get A Makeover

Standard issue military eyeglasses are considered so unflattering, service members have an acronym for them: BCGs or Birth Control Glasses. For the first time in more than 20 years, the military is updating its look. Instead of those thick brown plastic frames, recruits can get sleeker black plastic specs.