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Enbridge, Enterprise To Increase Pipeline Capacity

North American oil production is expanding and that's creating demand for new ways to move that oil to market. Two energy companies — Enbridge Inc. and Enterprise Products Partners --have announced plans to build new pipelines that will stretch from Illinois to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Federal regulators would need to approve the plan.

In Southern States, Immigration Law Battle Rages On

Despite federal and Supreme Court challenges, Southern states continue to push anti-immigration laws through their legislatures. Georgia debated a bill late into Tuesday night that would restrict public education, while the Mississippi House recently passed a measure requiring police to check immigration status upon arrest.

After 'Hunger Games,' U.S. Archer Shoots For Olympic Games

U.S. archer Khatuna Lorig hopes to return to the Olympics this summer. But she's already helped put archery into The Hunger Games this spring — by training the film's star, Jennifer Lawrence. In the film's kill-or-be-killed competition, Lawrence's character relies on her ability with a bow.

Supreme Court's Medicaid Decision Could Reach Far Beyond Health Care

The justices will hear arguments Wednesday over whether the health law's expansion of Medicaid for the poor unfairly forces the states to participate. And their decision could greatly affect the relationship between the federal government and the states.

Texas, Feds Face Off Over Planned Parenthood

Texas and the Obama administration are battling over funding for women's health centers in the state. As a result, some Planned Parenthood facilities have closed, limiting access to health care for some women, particularly those on Medicaid.

Ex-Clinton Solicitor General, Colorado AG React To SCOTUS Arguments

After Tuesday's high court arguments, former Clinton-era Solicitor General Walter Dellinger told NPR's Robert Siegel it was easy to answer the justices' question about what would stop the federal government from ordering citizens to buy products other than insurance. Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said the more fundamental point was that the U.S government didn't have the power.

Romney, GOP Pounce On Obama's Russia Comment

President Obama might have thought he was getting a break from domestic politics when he traveled to South Korea. But one remark to the Russian president, which wasn't meant for public consumption, has given Republicans fodder to criticize Obama on foreign policy.

As Court Gets To Heart Of Health Arguments, Protests Grow

The talent show outside the U.S. Supreme Court continued Tuesday as activists for and against President Obama's health care law sought to outdo each other with ever more artistic forms of protest.

Mitt Romney Rival Digs Up Details On GOP Front-Runner's New Man Cave

Politico reported Tuesday that a rival campaign passed along to it the plans for Romney's new house in Malibu, Calif., which involve a massive renovation of the oceanside property in La Jolla outside San Diego. The report also said Romney has paid a lawyer $21,500 since 2008 to lobby local officials for the needed construction approvals.