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Black Friday Madness Sweeps Across The Country

Some shoppers said they planned for weeks — and even skipped out on Thanksgiving dinner — to get good deals. But in parts of the country, Black Friday really lived up to its name, with reports of robbery and incidents involving pepper spray.

With The Flick Of A Switch, It's Crystal Clear To Hear

For people with hearing loss, trying to hear in noisy places like airports and theaters, can be tough. But advocates are spreading word of not-so-new technology that allows sound from loudspeakers to be transmitted directly to hearing aids, cutting through the background noise.

Have The Crackdowns On Immigration Gone Too Far?

In Arizona, the architect of a controversial immigration law has been voted out of office. In Alabama, the nation's strictest immigration law has ignited a withering backlash expected to force major changes. "We overreached," admits one Republican supporter of the law.

Relax, Folks. It Really Is Honey After All

The honey on supermarket shelves is probably real honey, after all. But claims that illicit Chinese honey was being sneaked into the U.S. market reveal how quick we are to assume the worst about supermarket foods — and imports. Closer analysis reveals a more complex tale.

NYPD, FBI Squabble Could Benefit Pimentel's Defense

For the past week, New York Police and the FBI have been at odds over a terrorism case which involves an American of Dominican descent named Jose Pimentel. New York police say he was an al-Qaida sympathizer planning to bomb targets in the city. The FBI declined to get involved with the case because it didn't see him as threat. Law enforcement officials on both sides have been airing the dispute over the case publicly, and that could help Pimentel build a defense.

'Tis The Season For Holiday Shopping

On this Black Friday, Linda Wertheimer talks to branding expert Martin Lindstrom about the psychology of sales and the array of techniques retailers use to get people to shop.