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Jobs Report And Politics: The Monthly Spin Cycle

It's become a pattern: On the first Friday of the month, the Labor Department issues a disappointing economic report. Republicans cite it as proof of President Obama's failed policies. The White House urges everyone to focus on the glass half full. And both sides miss the broader picture.

Zimmerman Posts Bond, Is Released

The man who shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26 has been charged with second-degree murder. He says he acted in self defense. The case has ignited another national discussion about race relations.

How The Health Care Ruling Might Affect Civil Rights

Days after the Supreme Court's landmark decision on the health care law, lawyers say they're still teasing out the consequences in other areas of the law — including civil rights. That's because the ruling involves two federal powers that happen to be the backbone of most civil rights legislation.

Hot Damn! It's National Fried Chicken Day

It's also National Ice Cream Month. So if you wish, enjoy both. And don't forget that it's supposedly National Kissing Day too.

Yemen Airstrikes Punish Militants, And Civilians

In an exclusive report, NPR's Kelly McEvers visits the sites of the escalating U.S. airstrikes in Yemen. The air campaign has helped drive al-Qaida-linked fighters out of towns in southern Yemen. But residents say the civilian casualty toll has been high.

How Hot Is It? All You Need To See Are These Two Maps

Thousands of communities have sweated through record high temperatures in recent weeks. That's why maps of the nation are covered in red. See where. Actually, it may be easier to see where temperatures haven't been broken.

It's All Politics, July 5 2012

If the Supreme Court says President Obama's Affordable Care Act includes a tax, then why is his rival Mitt Romney paying a political price? And,who would have guessed in the aftermath of the ruling the right would attack Chief Justice John Roberts? Plus: It's getting nerve-wracking for Charlie Rangel.

Rigging LIBOR: Banking scandal hits home (literally)

Correspondent Robert Smith discovered an obscure but critical interest rate when he took out a mortgage. Now the world is learning how that rate was manipulated.

Is The Jobs Report A 'Kick In the Gut'?

Presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney calls the June employment report that showed 80,000 jobs created "another kick in the gut to middle class families." Host Michel Martin speaks with two of Tell Me More's regular politicos, Democrat Corey Ealons and Republican Ron Christie, about how these figures could affect the race for the White House.

How Unemployment Has Dragged On, In Three Charts

As unemployment comes down, the long-term unemployed aren't benefitting as much. Long-term unemployment in 3 graphics.