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FBI Pick Rekindles Debate On Post-9/11 Security Measures

Word that the White House plans to nominate former Justice Department official James Comey to lead the FBI has rekindled a debate about the balance between security and liberty. Comey, a Republican, served in the George W. Bush administration after the Sept. 11 attacks.

U.S. Shot Putter Awarded Gold, Years After 2004 Olympics

U.S. shot putter Adam Nelson has been awarded a gold medal from the 2004 Athens Olympics, after his rival at those games, Yuriy Bilonoh of Ukraine, was stripped of the victory last December for violating doping rules. International sporting officials formally made the change Thursday.

Online College Courses Get A Big Boost, But Doubts Persist

Degree-granting institutions are responding to austere budgets by catapulting themselves into the world of online education. But some professors point to low online completion rates as evidence that these "massive open online courses" do a disservice to students.

Public Servant Herman Boudreau, Heroic Under Enemy Fire

While serving in the Army in World War II, Herman Boudreau fought the Japanese resistance during more than two years in the South Pacific. He went on to serve in the Maine National Guard and the Maine State Police, as chief of police in Freeport and as an auxiliary police officer in Brunswick.

Drive-Ins Soon Face Hollywood's Digital Switch

This is the year that drive-in movie theater owners have dreaded: They must convert their projectors from film to digital. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to make the switch, and that may be too much for many of the remaining 400 or so drive-ins left in the United States.

The Survivor: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Outlasts Political, Legal Trouble

Arpaio lost a civil suit last week but is expected to dodge an effort to recall him. Although the politics of immigration are changing in Arizona, the growth of the Hispanic population has not yet translated into a political force that can dislodge him.